Lakers=No chance at LeBron

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Lakers=No chance at LeBron

Ok let's get this straight LeBron has opt out of his contract in 2014 when Kobe retires to sign with the lakers?

First of all I don't see any reason why LeBron would want to go the Lakers other then to play with Dwight

BUT second of all do you really think Kobe would retire and let LeBron take over Laker history?

Kobe is the ultimate competor and he said the reason he would retire is because of lack of motivation.Well if LeBron is gonna be seen as this guy to replace Kobe and become one of the greatest players of all time ,isn't that enough motivation for Kobe? I'm sure once he hears about these stories he won't care how old he is ,he will still try to be the best player in the world and I have his set on beating LeBron and not let him over shadow The Black Mamba.

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I don't understand this

I don't understand this thread...

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The Lakers have a say in this

The Lakers have a say in this matter. Kobe will be 36, LeBron will be 29 at the start of the 2014 season.

Who do you think the Lakers will want to sign first?

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all i know is that "Lakers=

all i know is that "Lakers= no chance at Lebron"

lebron should make miami his home for the rest of his life, if anything go back to the cavs. he needs to create a fan base that will love him forever imho...

if he dips to the lakers the people in miami wont like him as much, and he will just be another of the hundred stars that played for the lakers.

in miami he would build a dynasty

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laker fans arent sitting

laker fans arent sitting around thinking about 2014 right now. When the time comes, who knows. If the lakers can transition seamlessly with dwight and whoever after kobe retires, then great. But its all about rings right now or bust.

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Of course their is a chance

Of course their is a chance he could go to L.A. But nothings set in stone. He could just stay in Miami, also theirs been rumors of him going back to Clevland. People are making to much of this when its way to soon to tell.

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Via twitter. Udonis Haslem

Via twitter.

Udonis Haslem [email protected]

"Oh and y'all can stop wit dis Bron playin in LA talk. Dat man dade county certified. Once 305 always 305! U can put da house one dat! Lol."

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All I've learned from that

All I've learned from that post is that Haslem has the literacy skills of an eight year old.

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Well that would give LeBron

Well that would give LeBron one reason to leave Miami.

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I assumed that

It was bangbangwayne sr who hack somehow hacked in to Haslem's twitter account.

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I hope they get neither, I wouldn't mind if Kobe (who will be missed) retires, and Lebron doesn't go to LA. This team has always been great, and propably always will, but as a small market fan, like to see the big guys fall a bit. Its not the worst thing in the world to see another team in the hunt for a championship. But, most likely LA will find a way to keep Dwight, surround him with talent, and they as always will be good, its not like LA is hard to sell players on.

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the fact that lebron will

the fact that lebron will only be 29 by then is actually really startling. combine his relative youth for what he's accomplished already, and the fact that he has finally developed a real post game, Lebron is probably only half way through his basketball career. When his quickness starts to erode, he can just move full time to the power forward spot, where there still isnt a player in the league that can effectively guard him posession for posession. I dont think its a stretch at all that lebron rattles off a few titles in Miami, and then moves on when Wade is too old to be a legit running mate anymore. At that point, the lakers make as much sense as anywhere else. They will have a hole on the wing and the best center in the league. anybody who watched kobe this year cant rationally beleive he will have enough gas in the tank at 36 to be a star. my guess is Kobe chases down the scoring record shooting 37% a game for some NBA outpost franchise for the rest of his 30's and the lakers retool with someone else in 2014.

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dywane wade: "Leave my

dywane wade: "Leave my teammate alone"

The thought of LeBron James in a Lakers uniform has sent the internet into a frenzy over the past 24 hours. On Thursday, Brian Windhorst of reported that a number of NBA executives believe the Lakers have positioned themselves to make a run at LeBron in 2014should Kobe Bryant retire. To make matters even more interesting, Lakers owner Jim Buss told the Orange County Register that the team has intentionally structured itself so it has a significant amount of cap space in 2014, although never mentioning King James as a specific target.

As you might expect, Dwyane Wade is one of a number of people who don’t want to hear anything about LeBron going to the Lakers.

“They need to leave my teammate alone with that, and go mess with somebody else,” Wadetold the Palm Beach Post after Miami’s preseason win over the Pistons. “He’s gonna be here. We’re straight.”

For his part, LeBron simply said that he understands how rumors can be and that he is worried about nothing besides defending Miami’s title. While the concept is certainly intriguing, going to L.A. would make very little sense for LeBron. The idea is for him to carve out his own legacy and win multiple championships, not follow in the footsteps of arguably the greatest Laker of all time. Unless things go poorly in Miami over the next two seasons, I can’t imagine it would be in LeBron’s best interest to head to L.A., return to Cleveland or go anywhere else. He needs to stay in South Beach and win not one, not two, not three — yeah, that whole thing.

By Steve DelVecchio

----i said exactly what is in bold ----

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Guys, LA is a great place,

Guys, LA is a great place, but let's face it, he's either staying in Miami or going back to Cleveland.

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