lakers vs minnesota is looknig like comedy

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lakers vs minnesota is looknig like comedy

this is the earliest I have ever quit on a game. Lakers just gave up 47 points in the first quarter and trailed by 24 after 12 minutes. Kevin love had 18 points on 5/6 shooting and 8 rebounds and kmart was blistering as well with 16 on 7/10 shooting.

Kaman started on love and played defense like he was completely prepared for deandre Jordan He just stood there and played off love giving him 4 uncontested three attempts. Finally Kaman was pulled and they put wes Johnson on love and he actually contested but love was still drilling contested shots.

Does Kevin love have a shot at mvp this year? I've long been a big supporter of the former bruin and have been involved in a handful of debates as to his value to the wolves. I remember going back and forth for an hour with a couple wolves fans (y2g and his friend, I forget his name right now) and they were convinced Rubio was far more valuable both right now and for the long term and that wolves fans all agreed on this.

ANyways, love is currently averaging 27pts...15rb...5apg coming into tonight which will probably go up a little after this game. Can you see him in legitimately the mvp discussion?

also to note, the lakers have beaten the wolves 22 straight games. The last time the wolves beat la was when KG led the way. Crazy streak for two teams from the same conference who play so frequently.

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I don't think Love will be

I don't think Love will be MVP of the league, let alone his own team. Look for Rubio to have a break out year and be the true leader of this team. He's the next Tony Parker

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Except he can't score...

Except he can't score... which is a pretty big part you left out.

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That's a bold statement right there.

Kevin Love is the MVP of this team right now, but Ricky put up a pretty impressive stat line tonight: 12 points, 14 assists, 10 rebounds, and 5 steals. Not bad at all..

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Tony Parker is a scoring

Tony Parker is a scoring point guard. Rubio can barely even score. Dude is overrated, the wolves are overrated. They'll fall back to earth pretty soon.

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Rubio's scoring ability will come

People forget Rubio is a young player-- I'm sure his jumper will improve a lot this year. Once he starts hitting some outside shots I think he'll be a perennial allstar.

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I think there are several

I think there are several players in the race: KD, Love, Chris Paul. Don't get me wrong, Lebron is the best player in the world; however voters' fatigue could happen this season. It has been discussed here several times.

What Love does besides stockpiling stats is impressive. His off-ball game has been pretty good: boxing out for teammates, setting screens. He definitely deserves to be included in the discussion.

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Don't they Paul George, best

Don't they Paul George, best player on the best team (for now....)

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If the Wolves can get to

If the Wolves can get to something like 10 games over 500 and he maintains these ridiculous stats he is a chance. Garnett won the award with similar offensive stats but his defensive stats (and altogether defense) were much better. Plus the competitors this year are much better than back in 04. I mean I liked him as a player on that Kings team but a prime Peja Stojakovic would never be a top 4 MVP candidate this year.

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I love that Nowitzki esque

I love that Nowitzki esque fade his added to the arsenal.

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Love is a worthy MVP

Love is a worthy MVP candidate IMO. Currently the best power forward in the game now that Duncan and Dirk are past their primes if you ask me.

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If the season ended today

If the season ended today both Paul George and Kevin Love would be right up there in the MVP ranking. I think if Love continues these stats and if the Wolves can win 50+ games he will still have a small chance.

I personally think Indiana will have the best record and Paul George will be named league MVP.

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Thru 8 games, the Lakers

Thru 8 games, the Lakers leading scorer is Jodie Meeks at 12.3 ppg

this team is beyond repair...An absolute mess

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Hey remember when people

Hey remember when people actually discussed the legitimacy of a Pau Gasol - Kevin Love trade?

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3-5 aint the end of the

3-5 aint the end of the world, but what does Jodie meeks leading in scoring have to do with anything? They play an 11 man rotation with no one getting more then 26 minutes a night. Its still early to say they are a complete mess. Beat the clippers and rockets who are considered title contenders.

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That shows their is a lot of

That shows their is a lot of room to improve. Honestly I think Meeks is the 4th best sg on the team behind Kobe, Henry, and Young and if those guys played/scored more the team would do better. Not to mention Pau will be probably be average around his normal 18 ppg by seasons end. When they realize that Nash is a relic and that Farmar is their best option to win games they will see a jump in play. Hill has been ok but he was just hurt and is still probably getting to full form. Not saying playoffs but not the most miserable situation in the world either.

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I do think this the year the

I do think this the year the Wolves finally break the hump and make the playoffs. They're always around 500 before guys start getting injured. If Minne can win 50 games and Love is dropping 24/14/4 then I think he's very much in the conversation.

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We only need

We only need Chris Hemsworth to play Mike D' Antonio and we got something special

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