Lakers quietly having a productive off-season...

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Lakers quietly having a productive off-season...

A little less than two weeks ago the Los Angeles Lakers found themselves in a triumphant Game 7 NBA Finals victory to seize its franchise's 16th title. While the team rejoiced and celebrated in deservingly fashion, it seems as if the front office headed by Mitch Kupchak and Jerry Buss are addressing the few issues within the Lakers roster.

With the probable loss of key reserves such as Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown, the Lakers are looking to add depth and much needed playmaking behind heralded veteran Derek Fisher. With this issue arising, the Lakers reached out to it's 2007 draftee Javaris Crittenton.

Crittenton, whom seemed to be an NBA journeyman, was involved in the Wizards gun scandal and lose his graces with the franchise. He didn't get his option picked up by the team and let go into free agency. The 22 year old point guard was a Kobe favorite during his short tenure before being traded by the Lakers to acquire Pau Gasol. Many felt that letting the young guard with loads of potential was hard for the Lakers, but like a full circle, Crittenton returns to his original home where he will be in the triangle like most of his playing career in high school. His great size, speed, court vision, and athleticism wil prove to be an asset to the Lakers next year.

In this year's draft, LA made some key picks in Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter. These are two first round talents who luckily fell to the champions. Ebanks is a Trevor Ariza clone who can spell both Kobe and Artest on the defensive and offensive end. Caracter is a versatile PF that adds depth to an already stacked Laker frontline.

With all that said, there is still rumor swirling about an alleged Tracy McGrady acquisition, the former all-star who is definitely a shell of his former self is interested in the champs. There has to be something left in his tank, and with the help of the champions, I think they can make use of whatever is there.

Even a successful season hasn't made the champs complacent. With both Bynum and Kobe taking this summer to get healthy and rehabilitate, the future looks familiar for the Lakers.They are making minor moves that can shape up the team for
next season. Slowly, but surely, the Lakers are having yet another stellar off-season.

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