Lakers offense 'very, very pretty' ... by December

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Lakers offense 'very, very pretty' ... by December

To see it in action over the weekend, the Lakers offense seemed smooth in Fresno when Steve Nash was running it. For those who think Nash's mind and creativity will be muted with the Lakers, consider that Mike Brown said before the game that Nash can determine whatever he wants to run every time down the floor by where he goes and where he moves the ball. ... "Hopefully by December or January," Brown said, "it will look very, very pretty." You'd better believe Nash is on a crusade for that -- and it to be very, very effective. Even though most of the offense isn't in yet, Nash made things so pretty in the debut Sunday that Kobe Bryant said: "It was natural. Just real natural. Real easy."

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From the very early looks of

From the very early looks of things, Waiters could be one of those guys who spends his rookie season scoring 20 points one game and three the next. That makes him not much different than a lot of top 10 picks.

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His first points came when he

His first points came when he rebounded a Charlie Villanueva miss and laid the ball in.

Drummond scored his next basket on an alley-oop pass from Will Bynum, the first of three in the game.

"We've got a guy who can play above the rim, which we haven't had in years," Bynum said. "It makes the game that much more easy, just his presence out there on the court."

At the beginning of the second quarter, Drummond had his first blocked shot, elevating his entire upper body above the rim.

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“He’s just a coach’s dream,”

“He’s just a coach’s dream,” says Williams. “He handles the situations with wisdom that’s beyond his years. He listens, he’s humble, and yet he still has an edge. I saw him get on a few guys a couple games ago, and it kind of took me back. And he has some ways to go as far as allowing his body to mature. His game is going to develop as he explores. He’s going to be pretty special if he continues to work and allow himself to be coached the way he has so far. He’s just an amazing kid.”

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“He is tested. He knows who

“He is tested. He knows who he is, which is comforting as a coach when a guy goes in and he knows what he is supposed to do and who he is and not going through the wars for the first time. Now we just have to get Terrence up to speed to perform like that each and every day and be consistent with it. And he will. Terrence is a talented, talented young man and his upside is off the charts. He just has to get up to speed on the NBA right now.

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