Lakers need to look to the future and cut ties to everyone not Kobe,Nash, and Howard

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Lakers need to look to the future and cut ties to everyone not Kobe,Nash, and Howard

This year went terrible for the Lakers and them making the 7th spot in the West was actually good considering the lack of depth and key injuries throughout the year. It would be insane for this to happen again next year even if they stood the same but this team has shown they have trouble scoring and moving which is key for most Mike D'Antoni teams.

Gasol needs to be moved
Steve Blake needs to be moved
Metta World Peace needs to be moved
Chris Duhon can be moved
Jodie Meeks does not need to be back(team option rejected)
Hill can stay because if healthy he could be a steal with his contract but can be moved if it helps get a better players or jettison a bad contract above.

Earl Clark can stay I guess but he also can be easily replaced until he gets consistent
Morris can stay unless they can find someone better in a trade then he can be gone
Andrew Goudelock seems like a solid bench player for cheap

Everyone else is a Free agent and really have no reasons to stay or be signed again

Lakers could trade and get 35 plus million dollar worth or better players if they are wise about their moves

They would still have


and possibly the cheap young players they could sign for 1 million or less
Clark(maybe gets more than a million but if he get expensive he can be replaced)

They could resign Howard is they choose which seems a definite if he wants to stay

They would then need to make that 35 to 40 million dollars into 6 or 7 solid players

Lakers need shooters and a promising point guard who can learned from Nash

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You said to get rid of, no one wants.. Maybe Gasol but other than that, they are all worthless.. So I don't see how they get rid of those contracts for something better.

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I just don't see Dwight

I just don't see Dwight re-signing.

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easier said then done

Easier said then done.

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I never said it was easy.

I never said it was easy. Also expiring contracts are pretty easy to get rid of. The hardest contract to get rid of is MWP.

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How does getting rid of their

How does getting rid of their role players going to solve their problems. As long as their main core fail to mesh together (Kobe, Dwight, Nash) it's not going to matter who you surround them with.

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Most loyal fans know that

Most loyal fans know that franchises go up and down. Its the Lakers turn now to be down now, I wonder how many fair-weather fans will now be supporting the Clippers....

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Over the cap

Over the cap already for next year. That with out howard. before mwp opts into his contract. And they sign any bench players. And dont foeget kupchak says he wants to reduce salary To avoid tax.

Best thing you could do is pray that toronto would be willng to take nashs horrible contract from you.

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I think it is fair to say

I think it is fair to say that signing Nash was a mistake in the first place. Brilliant PG, really high character guy but just doesn't has the legs anymore.

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looks like they're on a

looks like they're on a direct path to draft Andrew Wiggins lol, but seriously! Im not saying get rid of Howard, but In his best interest if I was him I would sign with another team next season. You ask why?; well Kobe is nearing the end of his career/injury most likely will keep him out for like half of next season so don't expect to be a top 1-6 out of the west. Also The Lakers as a team are lacking enough talent and the coach is not right for this what hapoens if the Lakers anmesty Kobe too. True Im stating so almost crazy stuff but it seems like the Lakers are headed down a rough road and to me all those fingers are pointed to Andrew Wiggins/or another top star in the 2014 NBA Draft. Cutting ties with everyone is taking this maybe a little too far but realky besides Kobe and maybe Gasol who else do you keep especially if Howard signs to another team, Nash might just retire too lol

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Blow it up

Kobe isn't coming back next year. At least, not at full strength. You can't amnesty him or L.A. will riot. Again.

They should...

1) Sign and trade Howard. Preferably, get adults in return.
2) Let Metta opt out. He said he would opt out to get a multi-year deal. Good. Bye.
3) Amnesty Nash. Soooooo slow. I think he's an amnesty candidate. I think.
4) Trade Gasol. He brought his stock way back up. Perfect. Kobe is all the old starters they need.
5) Put Kobe at small forward. He CANNOT keep up with guards. His defense was embarrassing.


Kobe Bryant
Jordan Hill
Earl Clark
Andrew Goudelock

Everyone else should be way younger and fast as hell.

Any chance we can get...?
Andre Drummond (probably not)
Harrison Barnes
Michael Kid Gilchrist
Chandler Parsons
Will Barton (okay, I'm probably the only one who thinks he'll be awesome. Love the hustle.)

Maybe they don't need a dominant scoring center. Maybe a dominant defender/rebounder like Jordan Hill is the answer. Most centers can't hit free throws and turn over the ball. It's not worth the "high percentage shot." Paul/Griffin, Westbrook/Durant, and Wade/James aren't center focused.

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"Any chance we can

"Any chance we can get...?
Andre Drummond (probably not)
Harrison Barnes
Michael Kid Gilchrist
Chandler Parsons"

Absolutely not.

Andre Drummond is the future of Detroit basketball, and he will be an absolutely dominant center in a few years.
Harrison Barnes is an integral part of the youth movement of the GSW that is working so well.
MKG, all I'm going to say is there is no way we would trade him, especially to the Lakers who have no youth to return.
Chandler Parsons is the best bang for the buck player in the NBA, how the hell are you going to match the salaries with your overpaid roster.

The Lakers only have aging stars and zero draft picks to offer. Why do Laker fans think they can just pick and choose members of the league at will, it doesn't work that way.

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Too bad they don't have any

Too bad they don't have any flexibility to bring free agents. To make things worst, they traded their first round pick to the Cavs, a pick that could've netted them a player like Giannis Adetokuobo, C.J. McCollum or a few other decent prospects. I see them buying a late second round pick like they did last year.

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What is interesting is some

What is interesting is some people have the "smart basketball" idea of the Lakers offseason, and others have the "Lakers" idea of the Lakers offseason.

The Lakers *should* tear this thing down. They were an 8 seed WITH Kobe. They are going to continue to get old and have no cap space. So realistically, they should tear the team down. Now, I understand if they want to keep Kobe and keep him a Laker for life, but breaking the rest of the team up is the *smart* decision right now.

Facts are, the Lakers are obsessed with being an elite franchise, and being relevant. So they are going to overpay Dwight, and if he leaves, they are going to make some desperate moves to bring in other players with star power.

When you look at the landscape of this conference, a lot of these teams aren't going away, so the Lakers really are in no mans land.

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