Lakers have the 48th pick ....

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Lakers have the 48th pick ....

You can't be tooo picky with such a late pick but you can add some nice additions to your team if you pay attention to detail. Some ideas here:

Earl Clark is probably going to get a nice paycheck so let's prepare for a vacancy regarding his playing time. Solomon Hill and Augusto Lima could fall in the draft and replace Clark as a bench player. I am not saying either plays his style but they could get his 10 or 15 minutes.

The backup PG spot is an issue. Peyton Siva will most likely be on the board still but I am not sure if he will be a better pro than Steve Blake. Blake isn't getting any younger and Morris isn't looking very solid so with such a late pick, I see nothing wrong with getting our future backup PG but I am not sure if he will be able to compete at an NBA level next year so let's explore a few other options. I believe Ray McCallum could be a super solid backup for the Lakers but depending who you ask, he is going late 1st, early 2nd or not at all so we'll see with him. I do not know much about Myck Kabongo, only what I see on youtube and in the box scores but he may be on the board too. NBAdraft compared him to Erick Barkley and he averaged 14, 5 and 5 along with 2 steals but 3 tunrovers. Pierre Jackson is a tiny guy but he's quick and puts up stats. He dropped 26 and 6 on Gonzaga, 24 6 and 3 on Texas (Kabongo) and 24, 8 and 3 on Oklahoma State with Marcus Smart. Also, in recent years we have seen smaller sized PGs become successful in the league so if he's there at 46, maybe the Lake Show would be wise to bring him in.

We shall see.

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Pierre Jackson

Baylor's Pierre Jackson would be a great fit. He can shoot the lights out an has very good court vision. Very undervalued player will be a steal much like Isaiah Thomas was a few years back for Sacramento. ..

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I say just wait and take, in

I say just wait and take, in their view, the BPA at that point regardless of position.

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