Lakers fans chant "we want Phil!"

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Lakers fans chant "we want Phil!"

During shaqs jersey retiring the laker fans chanted we want Phil. How embarrassing it must have been for dantoni. Craig sager reported than coach was uncomfortable during the chant but that Kobe told him we have a game to win. Nice if Kobe to say what he said but the damage has already been done.

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If there's anybody I feel

If there's anybody I feel sorry for it's Shaq, but I don't have any sympathy for D'Antoni. He hasn't found a way to make this talent mesh and should be held responsible. If I were a Laker fan I'd definitely want Phil, but I wouldn't chant it during a jersey retirement ceremony.

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I think D'Antoni has done a

I think D'Antoni has done a pretty good job considering the circumstances. This season has been a perfect storm of events that should have seen Lakers not even have a chance at the playoffs.

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