Lakers Best Landing Spot For Beasley

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Lakers Best Landing Spot For Beasley

The Lakers are the perfect fit for Beasley, the presence of Kobe and Steve Nash will make him grow up and play to his potential...Beasley seems to play better at power forward, and the Lakers currently need a power forward who will stretch the floor for Gasol's inside game...Kaman should be the sixth man off the bench...Beasley relished in Rick Adelman's uptempo open offense in Minnesota, until he got hampered by injuries, so I'm sure he'll excel in D'Antoni's offense...Gasol, Beasley, Wesley Johnson, Kobe, Nash, Kaman, Nick Young Jordan Hill, Jordan Farmar, and etc is a decent team that could try to sneak into the playoff picture

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Beasley could help out a ton

Beasley could help out a ton of teams on paper. But as we all know basketball isn't played on paper. I think he would play pretty well for Dantoni and the Lakers, but I always thought he would be a good fit with the Suns so who knows.

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Kurt Rambis was coach when

Kurt Rambis was coach when Beasley had his "good" year. His role was significantly reduced when Adleman came aboard and the Wolves improved.

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Beasley is praying the Denver Dank Nuggets call him soon

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on paper it's good, from a

on paper it's good, from a basketball on the court style it seems like a perfect match, but the issue is as i stated on a different thread before, in order for beasley to be successful in this league, i believe his only chance is to get some experience under a coach who isn't just a coach but a leader among men. a coach that insists on helping his players become better men. 3 coaches that do it best right now coaching in the league are doc, pops, and thibs. that's the only way i see him getting his head screwed on right. i don't even have a problem with weed, but if you're getting paid millions of dollars and part of that contract is to not smoke weed, get an effin' clue! even if you consider it a stupid rule, it's still a knucklehead move from beasley. i'm rooting for him to make it someday, but it doesn't look promising.

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Kobe would tear into him and

Kobe would tear into him and make Beasley run to his stash. Beasley is a mental midget who doesn't respond well to criticism. Hence articles like this:

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After the first non-rotation

After the first non-rotation and wide open dunk from the opposition, Kobe would rip Beasley a new one. I couldn't think of a worse situation for him to be in than to have Kobe trying to get a lazy and unmotivated Michael Beasley to have the daily work ethic to try to become a champion. I hear Beasley might be a krypt also so he might want to be in LA after all.

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He needs to get scared that

He needs to get scared that he will wash out of the league. I don't know if that's possible. As long as he is getting paid, I don't know how he changes. Everyone always talks about his talent, but it doesn't matter when he plays one on one, shoots jumpers, and loafs on defense. I think his agent pokes him with a stick and tells him if he doesn't show a flash of talent, he isn't getting paid. Those are the nights he ends up on sportscenter and everyone remembers his talent.

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Fear is one of the best

Fear is one of the best motivations.

But really, if the Lakers sign Beasley it's more of a sign they want to tank than contend. I'll be surprised if Philly doesn't make a bid for him.

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We all know the Spurs would

We all know the Spurs would be the best fit....

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Best spot for Beasley

Way over seas!!!

At 24 to be cut by your team is sad!

And Kobe has zero skills at mentoring somebody, anybody, a bottle of water.

Homeboy had issues back in high school, Kansas State, his entire time in the NBA, so tell me why he would change now??? Not Kobe, not the Spurs, not any NBA team will change him!

Yes, Beasley attended SIX different high schools!!!

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I actually like this idea

I actually like this idea because Kobe and Nash have great leadership skills and will be on his case and hopefully that wakes him up because he is very talented.

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Beasley needs a coach who

Beasley needs a coach who will kick his a$$ into gear both on and off the court. The problem is most of the teams with coaches like that don't need what he brings to the table basketball wise. Thibs would be good for him, but Chicago doesnt really need another inefficient stretch 4, they already have Carlos Boozer. Rick Carlisle could help him out, but the Mavs already have enough character questions with the Monta Ellis off season addition. Doc Rivers could help but the Clippers dont have the cap flexibility to commit to such an uncertainty in Beasley. Popovich would certainly help him in wonders, but Spurs arent the team to favor inefficient ball stops. I just dont know what Beasley is going to do at this point. I'm sure SOMEONE will pick him up, but I think a year out of the league might snap him out of his teenager antics and get his act together. I hope he can put it together, he was one of the most exciting players I had ever seen coming out of High School and college

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Chilbert arenas
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As a Suns fan I agree, the

As a Suns fan I agree, the Lakers really should sign Beasley, (wink wink)

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As WarblingSpam said, Beasley

As WarblingSpam said, Beasley needs to be scared that he is out of the league. It happened to Blatche when the Wizards amenestied him and no one picked him up. Then he joined the Nets and at least for one season he changed his game. In 2012, for the Wizards he took 19 shots per 48 minutes. He joined the Nets and he took 21 shots per 48 minutes. So he is still shooting and shooting a ton, but he raised his TS% from 42% (a career low) to 55% (a career high). He was taking more shots but they were better shots. He was going to the rim and drawing at least a few fouls. He wasn't pulling up from 20 feet, even if he was still pulling up from 15 feet. At least it was an improvement.

Beasley got a $10 million contract doing it his way. So he hasn't had to learn any lesson yet. But if it becomes clear that those contracts are DONE, then he might try to do the things that every coach he has had has probably told him to do.

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Philly would be good for both teams as long it is a 1 year contract.
L.A. beasley and kobe - who can miss the most shots?
if kobe could not handle Howard Beasley will drive him insane.
I lie the Spurs Idea, no team does better with 2nd chance guys

Beasley has all the talent in the world, hope he can get his head right.

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Shawne Williams

Shawne Williams

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What exactly does Shawne Williams have to do with this discussion?

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He didn't elaborate, at all,

He didn't elaborate, at all, but the Lakers signed him yesterday. They play the same position, they're both troubled, I doubt L.A. is going to grab up another troubled small forward.

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Before to long Beasley will be on a world drug tour doing the Ricky Williams or Todd Marinovich deal where he trys to find spiritual guidance and the perfect wave at the same time.

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Dude needs..

a Dez Bryant style contract for a year or two where he gets treated like a 15 year old until he develops better habits. Give him a curfew, surround him with a third-party of good character people, show up to practice and games to work hard and help him break his weed dependence. I'd sign him to a contract with those stipulations and let him know if he graduates and plays like he's capable, he has the chance to resurrect his career and get paid again.

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I love the idea of Beasley coming to the Sixers on a one year deal to provide enertainment while we tank our way to a handful of wins. Plus, I love the fact that I might see Super Beas burnin' one while hitting up a Chick-Fil-A drive-thru near me haha.

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Memphis is rumored to be

Memphis is rumored to be looking for another forward,there was talk that they were interested in Jamison,Matt Barnes and Odom..With the release of Fab Melo they now have an open roster spot....The Grizzlies have alot of no nonsense veterans that could be a good enviroment for an immature, undisciplined player....And Z Bo would be a great mentor for him..

For years Beasley has suffered with bouts of depression and that could be why he's heavy into drugs..But until he seeks help for his problems,he'll continue to struggle with those personal demons..........

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Does anyone else feel like

Does anyone else feel like Phil Jackson would have been perfect for Beasley?

I mean, a lot of Beasley's problems on the basketball court come down to awareness, he just doesn't seem engaged in what's going on unless he has the ball.

But with the Triangle he gets taught to read the D and react at all times, giving some structure to his movements and forcing him to be engaged while he's on the court.

As I was typing this it occurred to me that his best year came under Rambis playing in the Triangle. It's just a shame he couldn't stay healthy in Minnesota.

Also, Jackson was able to figure out a way to connect with Dennis Rodman and Ron Artest and get them to buy into the team concept, I think of all people he'd be able to turn Beasley around to some extent.

It's too bad he never got a chance.

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Not only Lakers but any team

Not only Lakers but any team from California is a perfect landing spot for Beasly, simply because he'd be able to smoke prescribed medical marijuana to ease the pain when inured.

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Honestly best landing spot

Honestly best landing spot for him is rehab and im not trying to be funny or anything. He's using an illegal drug (should be legal) and its consuming his life right now.

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yea lakers are a great idea

yea lakers are a great idea for beasley! lets put a dude with a drug problem in hollywood.... great idea

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Dammm!!! The lakers r going

Dammm!!! The lakers r going to be a terrible defensive team next season..last year their bench was bad,this yr is going to be even worst

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