Lakers 2 and 3 spots

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Lakers 2 and 3 spots

Excluding Kobe Bryant, the lakers now have a slew of 2/3 players in their roster. 2 - meeks, brooks, bazemore, 3 - wes johnson, nick young, xavier henry. that is 6 players and next week all of them will be available to play. who deserve the minutes? most probably only 4 from these 6 players would have playing time.

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My Lakers Lineup

My lineup would look like this.

PG: Farmar (assuming Nash is unavailable), backed up by Kendall Marshall (like the kid, think he has talent as a decent passer, but I'm not ready to throw him in the fire just yet)

SG: Kobe, backed up by Bazemore, who is a plus defender and decent athlete. Big Bazemore fan.

SF: Nick Young, best scorer and is one of the few positives about the lakers this year. Backed up by Wes Johnson

PF: Jordan Hill, backed up by Ryan Kelly

C: Pau, backed up by Bob Sacre, Sacre has been okay this year given the circumstances, and I would not allow Kaman near the court again this year if I'm the coach.

Two Other Players Dressed: MarShon Brooks and Jodie Meeks.

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