The Lakers

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The Lakers

It's been reported that the lakers are in talks with Lamar Odom about possibly bringing him a little Laker REUNION in order? Maybe they'll try to bringing Bynum back

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Probably, don't forget about

Probably, don't forget about Luke Walton!!

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Damn I was thinking that same

Damn I was thinking that same thing when I looked at the FA list on hoopshype. If the Lakers wanted to , they could offer either player a back loaded contract. I would love to see them try to " Get the Band Back Together"

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I love you HATERS that talk

I love you HATERS that talk all this &$#%#&@!. If we signed LO it would be because he'll only play in LA and we as of right now have 1 PF on our team in Hill. The Lakers as the world knows that LO is a shell of the player he once was and that it would be for a 15 min per game type roll.

Keep kicking us while were down. Cause it might only be for a year maybe two max. After that we'll be right back in the mix.

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Farmar vuicec

Ha I hear Smush parker is available.

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Haha Lamar Odom. Oh god.

Haha Lamar Odom. Oh god. Lakers ought to just go for Wiggins and give up on this whole winning in 2013 idea.

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