LA looking to deal Russell?

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LA looking to deal Russell?

B/R says the Lakers are looking to deal Russell for another top 5 pick. Given what happened, this isn't hard to believe. People can say the right things, but no one in that locker room is ever going to really trust him moving forward.

It seems like this trade is too obvious to not happen:

Boston Gets: Jahlil Okafor
Philadelphia Gets: D'Angelo Russell
LA Gets: #3 pick

Philly pulled out of a deal with Boston at the deadline which would have centered around that first rounder for Okafor. Philly also wanted Russell badly going into the 2015 draft.

DEEP(ish) Thoughts

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I'd lean towards Chad Ford creating drama and speculation less than a week before the draft.

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Exactly: speculation. Several

Exactly: speculation. Several articles ran this rumor completely incorrectly. Ford said the Lakers were looking at other top 5 picks (besides the #2 pick). That seems to be true. Maybe they have something in place. Ford then SPECULATED that it would be for Russell.

In reality, the Lakers could be trading down from the #2 spot to the #4 or 5. Or they might be hoping they could trade Randle to the Wolves for #5, as he might be better than the PF's available at that point in the draft. Who know? But Ford guessed Russell was being shopped and the rumor mill ran with it.

Trading D'Angelo Russell makes zero sense. He is one of the few PG's in the game who can probably end up hitting 40% of their 3's... part of the run and gun style Luke Walton wants. He's exactly what Walton would want. I could see them kicking the tires on Randle. He's a rebounding monster, but he can't shoot a jumper yet and I Larry Nance can. If they could get Buddy Hield by flipping Randle somehow, I think they've got something. Clarkson could be the 6th man and they'd be a solid shooting team.

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So the lakers can draft the

So the lakers can draft the next Kobe (buddy hield) hahaha yeah right I'd rather have Russell and Ingram

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Russell isn't going anywhere. Most of that roster won't even be in LA next year and the guys returning are going to be playing to make sure they stay in the NBA and/or increase their value. Say what you want about the issue. Russell got out in front of it quickly and it happened to a guy that I doubt many NBA players respect (and probably consider a clown). Most importantly he's going to be the best player at this point moving forward and he's on a rookie deal.

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Philly wants Nothing to do w/ D'Angelo Russell

you look at Sam Hinkie's Draft History in Phila......... Hinke Absolutely excoriated opposing GM's w/ Draft Day deals........

no matter how anyone Felt about Hinkie.......... He was a Master-class Poker / Chess player during the 6 weeks between the Lottery & the Draft.......... Phila had almost No 1st round picks when he arrived.......... & now they are Teeming w/ Lottery picks Thru 2019..........

And Hinkie's Favorite technique was Floating Mis-Information........... He was Obsessive about NOT allowing Any Leaks from the Sixers..........

And then Suddenly last year when Ell the mathematical models predict Phila will get the #4 pick.......... in what was believed the be a 4 player Draft (at the Time).........

2 Centers (KAT & Okafor) going 1 & 2................... & then guards D. Russell & E. Mudiay supposedly going 3 & 4........... (remember Porzingus was a Mystery to most then)............ And you are trying to tell me that Hinkie Announced to Keith Pompey at the Phila Daily News that he WANTS D'Angelo Russell...........

I just do Not buy it.............. I don't believe Phila wanted Russell then.............. & I certainly do Not believe they want Russell now after that very poor Rookie season..........

As bad as Russell was Off the floor - in the Locker Room,.............. He was even Worse On the floor.......

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I doubt he gets moved

The Lakers brass can't be that dumb...can they? Imo the drama with D-Russ is way overblown. If I were Swaggy's teammate for more than 10 minutes, I'd want to prank him as much as I could as well, haha. They need to realize that Russell was legitimately in the #1 conversation last year for a reason- he's gonna be the best player on that team. Moving him for a top 5 this year would be so outrageously stupid. That said, I want the Wolves to freaking sprint to the phone and dial until they relent.

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i know the lakers really like

i know the lakers really like Kris Dunn, and thats the most likely pick, if they do trade Russell

but.... c'mon !! No way do they trade a 6'5 PG with great vision and shoots the 3 well. Russell had a rough season, but the laker organization (most notably byron scott) didn't provide anything towards his development. He just turned 20 years old and had showed some immature moments, but ive been reading he's really locked into training this summer and is ready to show out next season. Luke Walton is the perfect coach for this young lakers team and with ingram more than likely being the pick, im excited to see this season

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I know I'm gonna get bashed

I know I'm gonna get bashed for this but I've been thinking this for a while...wouldn't a Russell for Okafor trade make a ton of sense for both teams. Right now would be a great time to pull off the trade too. The Lakers can do the trade without having to admit they made a mistake drafting Russell over Okafor and imply they are making the deal due to the incident with Swaggy P. Philly obviously wants spacing for Simmons and with Embiid and Saric added to the mix they can afford to make the move.

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i think the same thing now

i think the same thing now that i thought at the time of the draft last year, no possible way lakers could match okafor and randle together. I actually liked okafor more then russle last year but there was no doubt in my mind they could not go with okafor becasue putting him together with randle means you have no interior rim protector. Plus randle's biggest stength on offense is taking his man one on one off the drible and bullying his way into the paint, to do that you have to clear the paint and have spacers around him. And okafor is not a guy who is going to stand on the perimter to stretch the floor. At the same time, okafor is a traditional big who needs floor spacers around him and randle can not shoot right now, possibly never will be a decent shooter. Lakers would be making the biggest mistake in the world to pair those two together, they didnt do it a year ago and i see no reason to do it now.

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as someone that doesnt care

as someone that doesnt care much for the lakers, my oppinion could be on the pessimist regarding their players compared to yours. having said that, i would do the russell for okafor deal because i believe more in okafor than i do in randle. i think randle can be good, but im not so sure how good. a player that will come off the bench score 12 points or so a game while grabbing 6 to 7 boards is good. but do i see him as someone who can start and carry the heavy scoring burden of a team, im not sure.

i honestly dont know, or at least havent seen enough to be confident that julius randle can become one of the main focal points of the opposing teams deffensive strategies and still score efficiently on top of it. i dont know if he can create for others or make good decisions when they trap him early or take away his first and second option. but i do have more confidence that jahill okafor can be those things.

i think he can score effectively in a variety of ways in the block. i know he can pass the ball when they double him early. i know he can still create offense when the deffense zero in on him. and if i were a laker fan, i would rather have him as the primary post scorer on my team over randle.

and just my 2 cents, if i were your gm, id trade for okafor, draft ingram and discuss with luke walton if he can transition him to the 2 instead of the 3, chase some role player forwards that can either shoot or deffend both the perimeter and the post to play off clarkson-ingram-okafor while having randle spearhead the energy and offensive production off the bench.

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Don't do it LA

I dont see anyone outside of Simmons and Ingram turning out definitely better than russell....jamal murry MAYYYYBE but Russell is just as good a prospect as him. Just stick with him.

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I try not to go onto Bleacher report much (to many delusional Lakers fans) atleast here most people actually understand how basketball works, and can have a legitimate disscusion about it, instead of just trolling each other like they do on B/R.

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it comes down to enter you think Ingram/Russell is a better pairing than Dunn/Ingram, I would go with the latter.

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Seems very possible for them to trade him,

The second Buddy hield workout is clearly significant, regardless of what Kobe may have told lakers front office of him and his 1-on-1 workout.

The Lakers are clearly looking at the possibility of drafting a 2-guard which means one of Clarkson and Russell is in jeopardy and it has to be D'Angelo.

I doubt an Okafor-Russell swap is believable though as I think even if Philly is clearly willing to trade one of its centers, Okafor, even if drafted below Russell last year, should have way more trade value, because even if he struggles on D and has an old school style, he clearly already is close to the top 10 at his position right now, while D'Angelo is not showing anything this good. And his off-the-court alleged attitude is clearly not helping his trade value.

It's possible though that the Lakers are looking for a veteran in a D'Angelo trade, and looking to replace him with Buddy Hield taken at #2 (but that would mean they trully think Buddy is a superstar, which would be surprising since no one seem to have been that impressed with his workouts despite his 85%)...

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I like Dunn, but Rusell >

I like Dunn, but Rusell > Dunn. Rusell > Murray and Hield too. A scoring lead guard in an era where all the best players are scoring lead guards

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