LA Clippers

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LA Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers have sure been making a stir lately in the headlines. I know there have been several forum topics on the Clippers recently, but I wanted to look at this from a different angle. Where do they go from here?

They finally got the coach they coveted as the Doc deal was finalized last night, and he should be introduced today. Now, he also has a large role/say in upcoming moves as the Sr. VP as well as coach:

So I think it will be very interesting to see his take on whether they should keep/trade Bledsoe, whether to pursue Dwight, etc.

There have been a lot of stories on perceived moves for the Clippers approaching the draft:

Bledsoe to Orlando:

Griffin/Bledsoe for Dwight:

So, I guess my question is with all these rumors swirling around - what do you think is the Clippers best course of action? What trades actually have legs, and which ones do you feel are just smoke at this point? How much of a role does Doc play in personnel decisions?

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I think they trade EB to

I think they trade EB to Orlando for Affalo...The lakers will never do business with the clippers and vice versa..They will be a more discipline team with Doc at coach, you can tell the players didn't really listen to Vinny and pretty much did what they want.

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Al Jefferson

I say they deal EB and DeAndre Jordan to Utah for Al Jefferson and Mo Williams..
This is a win-win Clippers get some low post and out side scoring while
the Jazz get a nice young center who could maybe be a bridge untill Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter are ready to start.
Jordan could also be used as bait to move up in the draft.
The Clippers would now be able to take a pure scoring sg in the draft and split the minutes between (Crawford,Billups,Pick,Williams) they'd have a pretty good chance at a title run if they upgraded from Jordan.

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I would def pull the trigger

I would def pull the trigger on the afflalo deal. They would dump butlers salary and gain a good young big in Nicholson. And obviously you get a very productive and good defensive 2 guard. Move billups to the backup point and hope Barnes to the starting 3. Then you hope that rivers can develop griffin and Jordan. Would be a better team than last year for sure with better coaching. Right on top of the western conference with okc in my opinion

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