Kyrie Irving vs John Wall

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Kyrie Irving vs John Wall

Last season I made a post about my friends blasting me for saying Wall had the tools and potential to be better than Kyrie Irving and maybe event he best PG in the league, and then I got blasted on here for thinking that too. I never said he would BE the best PG or better than Irving, just that he had the potential to be because of his athleticism, defense and court vision.

So now that we've seen what they've done so far this season, can I get cut some slack for believing in Wall? Lol I know it's not a big enough sample to compare the two, but Wall has definitely been the better player so far on a better team. Obviously it's still in the air whether both will continue performing the way they have so far, but at the moment I believe Wall is showing why he went first overall and is outplayin Kyrie.

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Wall all day

Irving is a combo guard, and Wall is a pg.

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Why do people insist on

Why do people insist on thinking that the phrase "combo guard" is somehow a bad thing? Why is there such a stigma to be a combo guard?

Look at Dwyane Wade. He played PG his rookie year and is constantly on and off on that position as well as the 2-guard. He is a prototypical combo-guard yet he's still one of the all time greats.

Allen Iverson and Oscar Robertson were combo guards yet they still rank top-5 at their position (SG and PG, respectively). James Harden is also a combo-guard and is one of the top players in the L.

Hell, Marcus Smart and Dante Exum are seen as combo-guards and could be top-5 in this year's draft.

Why is being a combo-guard supposed to be bad?

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I have always thought Wall

I have always thought Wall was better than Irving. Kyrie does not compare in terms of passing a defense. Wall has proven that his play really helps his team (think of the stretch they had last year when he returned), and Kyrie has not. Kyrie is a better scorer than Wall, but IMO he does not have as high of a ceiling as Wall (due to being less athletic).

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Tuff call

Athletically nobody would debate Wall is better. Potential, I dont think anyone would debate who is better... but I think Kyrie is still a smarter player. And as a PG that is why I'd still take Kyrie. But on any given night... might be a toss up at this point.

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I don't really like Kyrie. He

I don't really like Kyrie. He just doesn't play like a PG. All he does is score. His defense is bleh, his passing is really subpar, he shoots a low %, he's a turnover machine, and he doesn't make his team better. As for Wall, I was disappointed in him early in the season, but he has REALLY picked up since then. Definitely improved his J and making smarter decisions with the basketball. Add in the fact that he was already a strong defender and passer, and you just can't make an argument for Irving over him. Superior all-around player by any measurement.

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Wall has an higher ceiling as PG. Simply, it's in his DNA, more than Kyrie. Being one of the best it's a matter of his outside shot. I was sure he would shoot better this year....i'm a little disappointed

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Wall's game is just made for

Wall's game is just made for today's NBA. He is so athletic and just excels in the drive-and-dish. He may not have overall set of offensive tools that Irving has, but he is still the better offensive player just due to how effective as slasher and distributor he is. If this were another era, like the '80s or '90s, Irving may rank higher, but Wall is just the prototypical modern pg.

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