Kyrie Irving to the Jazz>

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Kyrie Irving to the Jazz>

Is it at all possible for Irving to fall to #3 to Utah? Utah doesn't have the most glaring need at PG, they have a stable starter in Devin Harris, but Kevin O'Connor would be licking his chops if a guy of Irving's magnitude slipped.

The way I see Kyrie falling to #3 would be if Cleveland felt that their huge need at the 3 was big enough to go with Derrick Williams 1st and hope Brandon Knight were to fall to #4. Partner that idea with the news of Ricky Rubio coming to Minnesota and you can assume the T-Wolves would not be needing another PG and select Enes Kanter.

In my opinion, it is possible for Irving to go 3rd to the Jazz and it is even possible, but unlikely, that he falls to 4 if Utah finds a player like Kawhi Leonard or Jan Vesely intriguing enough to take at #3

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i don't see it being possible

i don't see it being possible

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There's no way the Wolves

being in the same division with Utah allow the Jazz to take one of the two best players in the Draft. The Wolves will take whoever falls to them between Williams and Irving and trade one of them to the highest bidder.

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Its possible

After all this fuss about Rubio, I dont think the Twolves could stand the ridicule of taking Irving, especially if Rubio is really coming over. I could see him falling to the Jazz, there is no way Irving and Rubio can play together.

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@ wolvesfuture

And this is why the Wolves suck. So draft Irving so you can use him as trading bait? Instead of drafting a player you need (a center) in the draft. The last thing they need to worry about is trying to screw a team in their division (Jazz) instead of trying to get better themselves. You drafted Ty Lawson to use as trade bait, how has that worked out?

lbj_6 (not verified)
David khan

David khan declared he would not let kyrie irving pass by.

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Yes lbj_6 but....

With the recent arrival of Ricky Rubio, the T-Wolves are currently loaded at the PG with also Flynn and Ridnour. Therefore, either they trade one or two of these three PG to draft Irving, or else, and I see this more intelligent, they should draft Irving and then trade him either against a very solid player or they could trade down to recuperate a player in which they can be interested in (Kanter for example) which would cost them less and they might also ask for another player.

This said, it is very possible that the T-Wolves end up drafting Irving at 2. Whether they'll keep him or not remains to be seen though.

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Kahn has some crazy ideas,

Kahn has some crazy ideas, but the guy isn't an idiot. He won't draft Irving and not trade either him or Rubio. To me, the best move for the Wolves would be trading the pick for someone with proven leadership skills. That's what's missing in many of these young teams, a guy who can be a coach on the floor.

As for Utah, if they draft Irving or Knight they will be OK at the PG spot for the future.

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The T-Wolves should just

The T-Wolves should just draft Kanter which would give them 3 good scorers and rebounders on the front line: Love, Kanter, and Beasley with Darko and Anthony Randolph in reserve. I think that Ricky Rubio can get those guys shots (honestly, with Love, Kanter, and B-Easy I am not sure there would be much more shots to go around anyway). Then at 20 get the best wing player available or the best shooter. If Marshon Brooks is there then that would be a no-brainer. Or play it safe and get Shelvin Mack (a three point shooter, instant offense off the bench and would make Flynn expendible).

With the way the playoffs are going they might want to build a team around a pass-first point guard with decent size and length since he is the rookie most comparable to Jason Kidd. With the success of Rajon Rondo (1 title and another Finals experience) as the floor general surrounded by 4 great scorers, then Rubio is looking more like the best fit, especially if they can get some more shooters in the backcourt. (Would that make Darko the new Kendrick Perkins?). Between Kidd and Rondo they have 5 Finals appearances, 1 title (so far), and half a jump shot.

Other than Billups (big point guard, can score), Tony Parker (speed demon, great floater), Isiah Thomas (a big-time scorer, fast, got assists, a killer), and Magic (the greatest all-around player ever), the other championship point guards have been average veterans who got the ball to the right people in the right places, limited the amount of turnovers, and spaced the floor by hitting open jumpers (Paxon, BJ Armstrong, Derek Fisher, Kenny Smith, Sam Cassell, Avery Johnson, and the aging J-Will/GP combo). If the Heat end up winning then Mike Bibby fits this mold.

Kyrie Irving somewhat resembles Billups but it took Billups a while to figure it out. That might be who Irving should pattern his game off of (along with Chris Paul).

It's more likely that a championship team is built around a great wing player or a great big man. So I can see Irving still available at 3. Then the Jazz will have to chose between him and Brandon Knight. THere is a small chance that the Cavs can end up with Derrick Williams AND Kyrie Irving if they select Williams first. Rubio's arrival helps these odds.

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its possible, but here's some other things to think about...

Irving to the Jazz is a definite possibility. But I don't think it will happen because Cleveland right now still likes Irving. If the Jazz really want a PG with that 3rd pick then they need to select Brandon Knight unless the Cavs decide to select Williams instead.

The Wolves: I am not sure what they will do with their pick. David Kahn wants to trade it, the owner wants to keep it. Yesterday I heard the Wolves were looking for a big man, then today while I was reading the sports section I read that Wolves were likely to keep their pick. So who knows what happens. I suspect that if a deal comes along that is right then the Wolves will take it. I expect the deal to come along, many teams will want that 2nd pick. As long as the Wolves are offering it a trade will come. With that being said the Wolves should take either Williams or Irving (who ever the Cavs don't pick) These two are best draft picks in this draft and both are rated very highly on pretty much every NBA teams draft board. Many NBA teams would like to have one of these two players. So if the Wolves are smart and they do want to trade their pick they should pick either Williams or Irving that they can get the best value out of a trade.

I do have an idea of a trade the Wolves could do but I am not quite sure how everybody feels about it. The Clippers trade Chris Kaman and their 2012 pick (from the Wolves to the Wolves for Nikola Mirotic, 2nd pick in this draft, and Johnny Flynn. The Clippers then trade Mo Williams to the Bobcats for Boris Diaw. I believe all the salaries match and all teams are benefited.

The Wolves get their 2012 pick back as well as a defensive big man who should work out nicely with Love. The Clippers trading Kaman would mean that they would be putting full trust in DeAndre to take over for the starting Center duties, which I feel they are ready to do. They can also draft Kyrie Irving with the second pick and get someone they could really use to propel them to the next level. I think everyone agrees that a trio of Griffen, Gorden and Irving would be hard to stop. They also get Boris Diaw who would give this young team, experience and veteran leadership as well as help mentor Aminu. (Who in my opinon is still pretty raw) The Bobcats get a PG that they have expressed interest in wanting. (Meaning they want to select a PG and move Augustin back to the bench to become their 6th man) They also can continue rebuilding, which is what they signaled to be doing by trading Gerald Wallace.

Like I said before the Jazz getting Irving is certainly possible but it would have to depend on whether or not the Wolves want to trade their pick and if the Cavs feel they can get more out of Derrick Williams and Brandon Knight then they can out of Irving and Kanter

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The Wolves can't afford to not take the Best Player

They lack talent, teams that win under 20 games shouldn't be drafting for need, they should be taking the Best Player Available. Whether that be Irving or Williams is irrelevant, they're going to be moved. They're not going to sit pat at 2 and take Kanter while the Jazz, who are in the same division as them take the second best player in the draft by a mile in Derrick Williams. They're just maximizing the asset. I don't think there's any way in hell they take Kanter either, they have to get better at defense, not worse, having another slow, plodding, unathletic, defensive liability frontcourt player like Kanter next to Love brings up the same problems they had with Love and Big Al. I'd put money on the Wolves liking Biyombo better than Kanter, now whether this is right or not I don't know, I haven't seen Biyombo play enough, it's just what they feel would work best next to Love. Now whether taking Irving irks Rubio or not, &$#%#[email protected]! him, he's signed, it's a business and the Wolves have to get better. BTW, they didn't select Lawson, do you all just take what the media says and consider it to be the ultimate truth, they're out to make money, they love to sensationalize shit! They traded the pick to Denver, and Denver told them to select Lawson. But, because 16 or so other teams passed on Lawson too, only the Wolves are garbage for passing on him?

Let's see what teams should've taken Lawson over who they took:

Memphis - Thabeet
Minnesota - Flynn
New York - Hill
New Jersey - Williams
Charlotte - Henderson
Indiana - Hansbrough
Phoenix - Earl Clark
Detroit - Austin Daye
Chicago - James Johnson

So 9 teams took players that didn't end up being better than Lawson, so they're garbage right? Taking two point guards in the best Point Guard draft is &$#%#[email protected]! genius, it's just a &$#%#[email protected]! shame Kahn had to hire Rambis, who has no idea how to develop PGs. You know damn well Flynn was rated much higher than Lawson by just about every analyst in the 2009 Draft, they're garbage too right?

Bad moves made by Kahn:

Not trusting McFail's scouting staff in the 2009 Draft when they told him to take Curry after Rubio
Hiring Rambis
Hiring their Assistant Coaches
Being convinced by Rambis that Darko could potentially be good
Being convinced by Rambis that Wes Johnson is a better pick than DeMarcus Cousins
Being convinced by Rambis that Martell Webster could potentially be good

Good moves made by Kahn:
Trading Randy Foye and Mike Miller (Expiring contracts after that next season) for the #5 pick
Drafting Rubio
Trading a Second Round Pick for Mike Beasley
Trading Corey Brewer (Expiring Contract and McFail &$#%#[email protected]! up) for Anthony Randolph
Signing Anthony Tolliver to a resonable deal
Signing Luke Ridnour to a resonable deal
Trading Al Jefferson (Overrated and Overpaid) while taking very little salary on, but also getting 2 1st Round picks, the Utah one, although Lottery protected, the Wolves still have the right to swap picks in 2013, hopefully for the Jazz' sake they've realized at that point that Big Al is a black hole on offense, has absolutely no work ethic, and will never put forth the effort to play good D, plus he makes what, $13M a season? Damn.

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"Is it at all possible for

"Is it at all possible for Irving to fall to #3 to Utah?"

If Cleveland goes with Derrick Williams at #1, then there is going to be a bum's rush toward Minnesota to get #2 and I would assume that Cleveland, Sacramento, Detroit, and Toronto would be leading the way to try and deal up. The pick is less valuable if Irving goes #1 because a point guard is far more important than a combo forward.

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Don't take anything you hear seriously from Front Office types

in this part of the season, most of it's smoke screen, to &$#%#[email protected]! with other teams into thinking they're taking their guy, nothing more, do you really think they'd actually be saying the truth? What a joke.

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If I'm Minnesota and Irving is there

From BTPH:

then there is going to be a bum's rush toward Minnesota to get #2 and I would assume that Cleveland, Sacramento, Detroit, and Toronto

None of the teams listed above have a player of value the Wolves would like besides the ones who are untouchable on their roster:

Tyreke Evans
DeMarcus Cousins

Greg Monroe

Demar Derozan

And with this being a clear cut, two player draft, they would need much more back than a guy like Omri Casspi, Jason Thompson, or Ed Davis (another PF) and the team's pick to just move down, see a deal like getting the 4th and 8th for the 2, which most fans here locally think isn't even enough for the #2, remember, clear cut, two player Draft, big drop off after Irving and Williams. I'd have to assume a third or fourth team would have to be involved for the Wolves to get correct value.

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Cleveland is still in love

Cleveland is still in love with Irving and will pick him #1. The real question begins with the pesky T-Wolves. if you look at their roster, they are in dire need of bigs. they are loaded at SF. I can see them taking Kanter with the #2, that would leave Williams to go @ #3. Utah wont pass up Williams, he is their goal. If they can get him they will.

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no way Kyrie makes it passed the 2nd pick!

no way Kyrie makes it passed the 2nd pick! The only way the Jazz would get Kyrie is if they were to move up in the draft

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The T-wolves practically

The T-wolves practically handed over Jefferson last year to the Jazz, so saying they wouldn't trade within their own division is kind of a riddiculous statement.

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This is a weak draft, but

This is a weak draft, but could be full of some excitement and blockbuster trades come draft day.

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