Kyle Wiltjer to Gonzaga

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Kyle Wiltjer to Gonzaga

Good fit for all parties..Gonzaga gets a big man who can shoot, Wiltjer doesn't have to pull a Jon Hood, and Kentucky gets to play their young bigs...

Also Kyle is from Portland so hes close to home. Going to Kentucky never made any sense to me.

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It's sad

It's sad to see players like Kyle and Ryan Harrow having to transfer because of their typical one and done style. Wiltjer is a good player and will really shine at Gonzaga. Would have made a great pair with Kelly Olynyk.

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Thank you Kyle Wiltjer!

As a UK fan I'm upset to lose a talent like him but he needed it. Cal didn't know how to use him and it's good that he's going to school that will make him their first option.

But you'll always be a national champion!!!!

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Ryan Harrow was terrible and

Ryan Harrow was terrible and honestly never deserved to play at Kentucky in the first place. Nobody bats a 1.000 and Calipari definitely missed on Harrow. Kyle Wiltjer had every opportunity to improve and never did. He was lazy, slow, couldn't play defense and was useless unless he was shooting a wide open three. It's hard sometimes to remember but these kids are adults in the eyes of the law, and when you saw a contract saying you're going to perform on the basketball court to the best of your ability, you're expected to do so. Neither one of those kids did that. Now, that doesn't mean they're bad kids, just that they were in over their heads. I hope they both excel in their future endeavors, but that did not hold up their end of the bargain when they signed up to play at UK. Harrow had an entire year to practice with MKG, Anthony Davis and Marquis Teague and didn't improve one iota. He 'quit' the team for a couple weeks and faked illnesses because he couldn't handle the pressure. It's hard for a kid to be put in that spotlight, but they knew what they signed up for coming in.

Wiltjer was just too lazy to play defense. Every time Wiltjer came in the other team went right at him; he was a scoring magnet. As a UK fan, I'm a fan of Wiltjer but he didn't improve in two years and worse, he didn't show effort. Harrow, on the other hand, is a quitter and while I wish him the best, I was happy when UK lost to Robert Morris because that meant I never had to see him wear a UK jersey.

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I saw this coming when I

I saw this coming when I first heard he would transfer. Kelly olynyk and him had a very similar game before olynyk's breakout season last year. Gonzaga's all business and no distractions. I can see him becoming a very good player there.

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Gonzaga has a big thank you

Gonzaga has a big thank you to say to Kevin Pangos, cant wait to see those two play together.

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I think his cieling is Nikola

I think his cieling is Nikola Mirotic and he is most likely to be a Ryan Kelly type role/impact. It will be nice to see Kyle finally be coached/developed.

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There was a guy who got like

There was a guy who got like 6 negs in another thread for giving the idea of him going to gonzaga, I though it was a great idea....and well.....

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whos idea was kentucky anyway?

At the time he committed did he know anything about Kentucky, lol. I duno what made him think his style of play would successfully fit into coach cals system. Kentucky likes athletic play makers that can get into the lane, rebound and play defense. Wiltjer brings none of this, it has to make you really question who was in this kids ear about the decision in the first place. Gonzaga seems like a perfect fit from day one, I myself was pretty surprised when they didnt get him first time around. Great fit for Gonzaga, at least Wiltjer has a ring to show off now around campus, cuz you know zagas not getting close to one.

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