Kyle Wiltjer

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Kyle Wiltjer

I have been following Kyle Wiltjer since his high school days at Jesuit High in Portland. As a die hard Kentucky fan and as much as I like this kid, I think transferring would be an excellent idea for him. The reason why I say is because just moments ago, Dakari Johnson committed to play for the Wildcats. Next year Kentucky will be getting Dakari Johnson and Marcus Lee, who probably wouldn't play more than Wiltjer but I expect Willie Cauley-Stein to return and their still in the hunt for Julius Randle who I don't think will choose UK due to their frontcourt that they'll have as of right now and if Andrew Wiggins picks Kentucky, he could very well play some 4 with James Young and the Harrisons filling up the backcourt and the 3 position. Then coming into his senior year they will be getting Karl Towns so is it worth taking a Darius Miller role which takes one hell of a person to do? Everybody including himself knew that he was not going to start last season as a freshmen for the Wildcats. He did have a few games he impressed me with but I honestly don't think he has improved at all from last year he just gets more minutes this year. It's obvious that he is not better than Willie Cauley-Stein as Wiltjer has come off the bench for the last few games. I still think Wiltjer is a great player but I just don't know if Kentucky is the right place for him. The best I could ever see him as someday as a pro is a Josh McRoberts which isn't bad but he could also very well never be drafted or make it into the NBA. Would transferring be the right option for Kyle Wiltjer?

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I have doubts Wiltjer will

I have doubts Wiltjer will make it to the L, slow feet and lets not forget McRoberts is athletic and mobile. Wiltjer jumper is good but I dont know if its NBA good. Seeing as this will be as good as it gets, would he have to sit out another year? If so, he might as well be the 6th or 7th guy on a loaded team for the next two years.

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Agreed. Wiltjer has painfully

Agreed. Wiltjer has painfully slow feet.

If Nick Fazekas couldn't make it in the NBA, then neither will Wiltjer.

IMO if he transfers, it'll be so he has a better college career, have a larger role and so he'll look better for Euro teams.

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Is comparing Kyle Wiltjer to

Is comparing Kyle Wiltjer to a poor mans Steve Novak good or an insult?

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An insult.

An insult.

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Wiltjer hasnt really had a

Wiltjer hasnt really had a chance to showcase his skills. He played behind anthony davis, terrence jones, MKG last year and this year he is the third or 4th big man again. I think transfering might be in his best interest. He has to have improved a lot going against 5 or 6 NBA players in 2 years. I would like to see him have the opertunity to showcase his skills. If he sat out a year he would only improve more. I still think he could make it to the NBA, but that depends on how much he has developed in practice.

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He is fine at UK, Johnson and

He is fine at UK, Johnson and Lee have no affect on Kyle. Throw in the fact that he could possibley play in 4 final 4s, he aint going anywhere. And if guys like Scott Padgett and Mark Pope played for up to 10 years in the L, Kyle will get his shot.

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He is just a Sophomore so he

He is just a Sophomore so he will get better...he needs to work on his post moves then he will be a pretty good all around player. I see him becoming a Vladi Radmanovic type of player in the league.

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Gunna get negged

But I feel like Kyle could play a Doug Mecdermont type role at a smaller school. Some times it's all about opportunity . Like someone else said a chance at 4 final fours. Teams like proven winners late in the draft.

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Not as skilled as

Not as skilled as 'MECDERMONT'...
just stick to douggie

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100% Agree with Poster

He should transfer. He's a good player, but not good enough to get 30+ minutes per game at Kentucky.

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