Kyle Singler Should Have...

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Kyle Singler Should Have...

Kyle Singler should took the one and done route and came out his freshman year. Why? I don't know if yall remember, but back then he was projected to be a top 5 pick.......but look at where he's projected now.....every year his stock slipped and now he's a projected second round pick. In a WEAK draft.

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reminds of brett nelson of florida

if nelson left after his fresh man or sophmore year hed been a late lotto to mid 1st rounder but he stayed all four years and never made it i do think singler will make a team and even contribute as a rookie wouldnt mind seeing the spurs take him late in the 1st round

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I dont remember that although

I dont remember that although Singler was highly touted in high school, almost like the next Bird...if there was one Dukie that I thought shouldve been one and done but didnt, it was McRoberts. Went after his sophomore year and went in 2nd round. Actually, McRoberts shouldve never went to Duke IMO.

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Yeah,alot of draft sites had

Yeah,alot of draft sites had Singler in the lottery,after his freshman year..

What position will he play in the pros? He reminds me of another former Duke player Danny Ferry..Ferry managed to play in the league a long time...And during his last few years in the league he became a primary shooter off the bench....

But he's 1 of those players that'll find a role in the league,becuz

1.he has a mean streak

2.knows how to play the game

3.he's a decent shooter

4.can put the ball on the floor

5. and he has a decent post game....

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