Kyle Anderson Scouting Report

Summary of the ins and outs of UCLA SF Kyle Anderson's game.

Anderson functions well in the pick-and-roll and in transition due to quality court vision and tempo control. Weaknesses include physical abilities and defensive skills. Three point shooting is still a question mark.

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Too much is made of Kyle's

Too much is made of Kyle's lack of footspeed. The fact that he is a long-strider can compensate for that. People act like the league is full of LeBron's and Russell Westbrooks, guys who defy the laws of speed and quickness. There's only a few guys like them.

Long striders do well in the league. You may not go as fast as some but you cover alot of ground with the strides you take. Grant Hill was a long strider. Shareef Abdur Rahim was a long strider. Fluidity of movement is just as important as raw athletic ability, and Anderson has plenty of fluidity.

Add his court vision and his ability to "lead" teammates into their shots with his pinpoint passing, this guy will succeed.

The tough part is finding one good solid comparison for him because no one player reminds me of him. He is a little bit of alot of people.

Im not knocking any team that picks him outside the top 5.

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His foot speed

would be less concerning to me if he were a little stronger. I wouldn't be terribly upset if the Pistons took him 8th, but I would prefer they trade down and hope he slips.

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