Kyle Anderson

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Kyle Anderson

Where does everyone see him projecting at the next level? This site lists him as a SF, but I believe he can play the point in the NBA. I think he's a natural with the ball in his hands, is a walking matchup nightmare for defenders, and can guard multiple positions allowing for smaller combo guards to play alongside him easily. He has a great ability of creating for his teammates and getting his effectively as well. Obviously, he's lacking in foot speed and overall athleticism, but I think what he lacks in those areas he'll make up for in length when defending NBA point guards and other positions when needed. As for a comparison, Lamar Odom when he ran the point comes to mind, but personally I see MCW or even Rondo to a lesser degree.

Side note-great game between UCLA and Zona. Aaron Gordon has swayed me more every time I watch him, and Lavine needs to come back for another year no doubt. Big fan of Nick Johnson-that dunk was nasty.

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he's a PG, he played alot of

he's a PG, he played alot of SF last year but he didnt really play his best cus of it. he needs the ball in his hands to be effective. i like what he can possibly bring to the table with his vision,IQ,and decision making, but he's going to have trouble defending. i dont think he can guard multiple positions, he'd get killed by NBA SF's on the perimter.

the comparisons with him are hard due to his underwhelming athletcism. MCW is more athletic than Kyle and Rondo is also a much better athlete who's a great defender. I've seen people compare him to boris diaw, and that seems more accurate.

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Lol Anderson is a pretty good

Lol Anderson is a pretty good PG for college,but far as NBA goes his athleticism will hold him back at that position,plus who will he defend?

Westbrook,Rose,Wall etc would have a field day with this boy.

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I would compare Kyle to a

I would compare Kyle to a less athletic Rubio... He should be top 20. He should be a solid NBA PG.. Great vision, rebounding and touch, Great game tonight's picture
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I think if Kyle went to the right situation say okc grabs him with their pick late in the first round he would fit There perfectly cause he's a good sf/pg who you can run an offense through I think he lands there it would be scary

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Boris Diaw is who he is going to be, I think the Phoenix Suns version of Diaw is a great comparison for this guy he can do everything but if a team wants to play him as their point guard that coach should be fired because if Chris Paul sees this guy holding him "slow mo" will be out the league before his rookie deal ends. I think Chicago needs to take a look at him with their defensive scheme they can hide him and he can help bring the ball up with D.Rose since Jimmy Butler's handles aren't up to par to help with ball handling duties yet.

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the versatility of anderson's

the versatility of anderson's game can be simillar to pippen's, towards the end of his career and playing for portland. the blazers then had damon stoudamire but they dint really used him, so pippen would be playing as point guard on offense but bonzi well and derek anderson would be guarding the opposing back-court.

i wouldnt be surprised if the orlando magic actually consider this idea with the thought of afflalo pairing up with oladipo in the back-court. they can use that match-up against a team with 2 strong players in the back-court, if someone is using a sf as a primary creator or scorer, they can have anderson slide into the weaker match-up in the back-court, simillar to how marc jackson treats steph curry on d, and they bring in harkless to defend that SF.

there are several different ways to take advantage of anderson's playmaking abilities while hiding his defensive defficiencies. it'll depend though if he can transalte into becoming the same kind of playmaker in the pros where the defenders will be tougher.

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