Kostas Papanikoloau, Kostas Sloukas, Vaggelis Mantzaris Just Had A Great Euroleague Playoff Game - Still Not On The Mocks

Kostas Sloukas, Vaggelis Mantzaris, and Kostas Papanikolaou all just had great games in the Euroleague playoffs against the best Italian League team Siena.

They are now performing well at the Euroleague playoff level against one of the elite European teams (Siena)..........................

But somehow, not a single one of them can manage to get onto a mock draft list. Hell, I looked, and this site does not even have profiles for Sloukas or Mantzaris..........

But of course guys that play in inferior clubs, leagues, etc. are in the mock drafts instead.

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What happened to Nikkos

What happened to Nikkos Pappas?

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irony of these

Europeanballer keeps on complaining that his "guys" aren't in any of the NBA mocks yet claims that the NBA is inferior to the Euroleague... If they really are inferior, why does it bother you that your pawns aren't in any mocks? Stay in Europe junior... That's where your a$$ belongs

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I'm done with this forum.

I'm done with this forum. None of you has an I.Q. over 83 and none of you have even the most basic basketball knowledge. This forum is an absolute joke.

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Don't front, you'll be back.

Back to ignore valid points people make and have your stupid rants. See you soon!

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European Baller why dont you

European Baller why dont you tell us about how the clippers are dumb enough to pay Blake Griffin anything when they have the rights to this suntanned greek Guperman...or did you give up hope on him like his dietitian

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That is great McDunkin.

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European Baller
  • What is your IQ?
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I can't believe you guys feed

I can't believe you guys feed the Euro Troll every time he posts. It's obviously what he wants, dude plays you guys like a violin...

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McDunkin, Please give Big

McDunkin, Please give Big Sofo the respect he deserves. European Baller said, and he was right that Big Sofo would dominate the NBA because of his size and skillset. Not to mention, his ability to bully every NBA big man in the league.

If you don't remember, he was cut after the NBA preseason in which he averaged a staggering and point proving....2.5 ppg 3.8 rpg 2.8 fouls per game and 2.3 TO's pg while shooting a dominant 33% from the feild.

Remember how high European Baller's IQ is and how low ours are?

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