With Kobe's injured wrist, should the Lakers pursue a backup if he misses time?

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With Kobe's injured wrist, should the Lakers pursue a backup if he misses time?

If you were watching last nights game, you were sure to see Kobe attempt to take a nasty looking fall. As he came down, he attempted to break his fall, and reports are that he sprained the wrist he continued to favor during the game. The Lakers are one of the NBA's few teams with a future HOF SG, but like most of these same ballclubs, they don't boast backups. If Kobe is not healthy and ready to go, do you look to add depth if you are the Lakers? Kobe is a WARRIOR and has played with injuries before, but at the same time, losing Shannon Brown took away one reserve SG. I love Jason Kapono, but he can't cut it for me as a backup to Kobe. They need a creative scoring threat in my opinion. Use that trade exception or look to make a move right now. MAYBE, and i say it cautiously, you give Gilbert Arenas a look, hell....just a glance for that backup spot. Money may be the issue with him though. Who and what are other options?

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maybe trade for Oj

maybe trade for Oj Mayo...just sayin

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Ya the Lakers

should trade Luke Walton and a washing machine (ala jackie Moon) and Mike Brown for Dwayne Wade and Lebron. Then hire Phil Jackson as new head coach. Then trade Bynum and 15 second rounders for Dwight Howard. Then maybe.... just maybe.... the Lakers fans might finally be happy with their team.

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Having Gilbo would be good if

Having Gilbo would be good if you're looking for someone to shoot a ton of shots and not necessarily be effective. Handing him the reins when Kobe comes out is not a good decision and will lead to MANY bad plays and poor shot selection, not to mention disrupting the offense by not keeping the flow going. If he was Kobe's back up and was given the green light to fire up any shot, they'd be regressing more than if they just signed some decent defensive minded SG.. someone like Keith Bogans would be a better backup I think.

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I read that he'll probably

I read that he'll probably play in the preseason game tommorw. If he's prepare to play in that, no doubt he'll play on Sunday.

If he does miss time........the Lakers are screwed

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I'm a big Nick Young

I'm a big Nick Young fan...hopefully we can pry him away from Washington!

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Arenas contributed next to

Arenas contributed next to nothing while he was in Orlando...The summer break and the lockout,gave him some time to rest and heal any injuries he might have had.. Maybe playing near his home in LA will motivate him....The Lakers bench really dont look that impressive at all...

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Well they is still have the baller formerly known as Ron Artest. If Kobe is to actually miss any time they could just slide Metta World Peace over to the 2. And from what I gather, they signed Gerald Green not too long ago. Probably to try an fill in Shannon Brown's void.

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Kobe's wrist injury isn't

Kobe's wrist injury isn't that serious. He's playing tonight.

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Whats the point? If Kobe

Whats the point? If Kobe misses an extended period of time I don't think the Lakers have a shot at anything. They can't compete without Kobe. After Kobe, Bynum, and Gasol they Lakers have nobody. Bynum and Gasol can't lead them without Kobe

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They should trade him to Orlando for

Howard while they still can.

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With Kobe hurt the plan

With Kobe hurt the plan shifts to "get a high draft pick." If it's a short term absence do not freak and trade anything but perhaps give Arenas a look.

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