Kobe Bryant and the Chase for Goat

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Kobe Bryant and the Chase for Goat

With news of Kobe Bryant headed to Germany this week for "treatment". I got into a discussion with a group of friend about Kobe Bryant's priorities and his place in history.

It is obvious to me that Kobe has targeted KAJs scoring record and there is always the drive ti win more title that MJ.

What do you think is Kobe' highest priority, winning or scoring? Does he have a chance for GOAT?

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Winning is number one

Winning is number one priority, while keeping scoring title in back of his mind. And No!

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I think winning was his

I think winning was his priority until Dwight failed, now I can see Kobe just gun for the scoring record until he retires.

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Hopefully winning. He is

Hopefully winning. He is chasing Jordan, the current GOAT and a guy who has six rings. Kareem has the scoring title with over 38,000 points but more people consider Jordan to be the best ever. Ironically, Kareem also has six rings.

Kobe is just stubborn enough to play until he is 45. I think he can get 40,000 points but that won't automatically make him the best of all time. Karl Malone scored the second most points in NBA history and nobody considers him the Second Greatest of All Time.

For his best legacy, Kobe needs to will these guys into the playoffs and pass Jordan on the scoring list this season. THEN I think the Lakers should retool with some more young guys, hopefully some top free agents. Then I think Kobe would have a chance to be the veteran leader of another great team. Then I think Kobe will be more focused on winning another ring or two, to tie Jordan in rings or beat him. Then if that fails too, then I think he goes for the scoring record. Getting the All-Time Scoring Title would be the consolation prize of not passing Jordan as the GOAT.

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Malone has zero wins and and

Malone has zero wins and and played in Utah which does not get much media attention. His game also was never really glamorous. People bring up Stockton and Malone but rarely one without the other.

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There is nothing Kobe could

There is nothing Kobe could do to ever surpass Jordan. That ship has sailed.

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Well said.

Well said.

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I think his priority is to getting traded to Detroit. Kobe has always loved Detroit ever since he was a young tyke and he wants to team up with his 5th favorite acquaintance, Brandon Jennings.

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Anyone who has kept up with

Anyone who has kept up with Kobe over the past 17 years should have figured out by now that priority number one for him is ALWAYS winning. He no longer cares about being the GOAT, he has the respect of most including MJ himself who recently said that KObe was the only guy who could beat him one on one. And I don't personally see another title in his future as much as it pains me, I wouldn't be surprised by anything.

@Siggy, while it seems HIGHLY unlikely KObe could ever be considered the GOAT, it';s not completely inconsiveable. If he were to carry THIS group to a title along with a couple more, I would see no reason why he couldn't be right beside of MJ. Personally i've always thought he was MUCH more skilled than MJ. Just happened they played in different eras and one was catered to more than the other when it comes to getting teammates who fit their personal playing style.

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I think we are going to find

I think we are going to find out a lot about Kobe next year. He is coming off a terrible injury, but how much money is he willing to sacrifice to bring other players to LA. I am not saying he should take the veterans minimum, but the lower his salary next year means the better team he can have around him. I am very curious to see how much he signs for.

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