Knicks & Wolves Trade...It is going to happen.

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Knicks & Wolves Trade...It is going to happen.

Ha I'm not sure it is going to happen but it makes a lot of sense. It really depends on just how bad New York wants Curry. Obviously with these trade possibilities Minnesota would promise not to take Curry with the 5th pick. Ok on to the trade scenarios:

Option 1
Knicks get Telfair, 6th pick
Wolves get Chandler, 8th pick

Option 2 (This is the most likely to happen)
Knicks get 6th pick, Songalia, Etah Thomas
Wolves get 8th pick

Lets be realistic: No way will Curry fall to 8 so the Knicks have to trade up to get him.

With Option 2 maybe the Knicks would only have to take either Songalia or Etan (not both of them).

With Option 1: I know the Knicks really don't want to trade Chandler but he is the only player that Minnesota would be interested in I think. Plus New York might like the idea of getting Telfair. It might motivate Telfair to become the star everyone thought he would be playing in MSG.

Comments? What do you guys think? I really believe something like this could occur on draft night.

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I always thought NY loved

I always thought NY loved Telfair back when he was playing HS ball so it might be a possibility.

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First off, option 2 would not work based off salaries not matching up... Option 1 doesnt make much since either. I hear you about the knicks wanting curry and are trying to move up to get him but why would they want telfair also?? That would give them telfair, curry, duhon and robinson...That would not help them at all... It sounds ok for the timberwolves but thats about it...

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I think my kings may

I think my kings may actually trade with the Knicks... if Rubio is available at #4 we take him. Then if Evans is there when the knicks pick, they trade Rubio for Evans and David Lee.

Lee has always been a target of Petrie's. We may have to throw in our second round pick to make it more appealing...

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