Knicks' White may take flight in dunk contest

He was nicknamed “Flight White’’ and “Flight 75’’ in college because of his leaping and dunking ability. Now that he’s back in the NBA after an Italian League hiatus, Knicks reserve swingman James White is being nominated by the Players Association for the All-Star Slam-Dunk competition February in Houston.

White was approached by union officials last week about the dunk competition. The union has more influence in the Saturday night skill competitions in the new format in which the conferences compete against each other. A team captain will be chosen for the East and West and make the final call on participants. A league source said the Knicks’ Steve Novak is expected to compete in the 3-point competition.

White, whose biggest contribution on the Knicks is his defense after he helped hold down LeBron James in Miami, said he no longer practices acrobatic dunks during warmups.

White, who played at Cincinnati and Florida, won slam-dunk competitions in Italy, Turkey and finished second to David Lee in the McDonald’s high school Slam Dunk competition in 2002.

I havent said this in awhile but.....

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he will win it, man this dude

he will win it, man this dude has been doin this stuff for years, when he was playing aau with the dc assault he threw down some CRAZY dunks. these young boys cant even see him lol

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The NBA and its tv partners

The NBA and its tv partners make a killing off of allstar weekend and inparticular the dunk contest. Hightlights, posters and the like are overwhelmingly dunk oriented.

Since the Dunk contest has lost its luster the last few years from the format changes to the lack of A caliber contestents, James White makes a lot of sense from a marketing point of view.

There's no doubt he'll win it if he pulls out with windmill from the free throw line.

With that said, If I'm James White, I'm asking for more money to do this show since everyone one else will be making a ton of cheddar off my performance.

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The Man.

I know I'll get grief from some folks here, but he is EASILY the most athletic player I have ever seen in person, and I saw Jordan, Vince, and, yes, even Harold Miner in their primes. I am NOT saying he is the same player as Michael or Vince, but my god the man can fly. Anyone who has ever seen his missed alley-oop while warming up for the NCAA dunk contest knows what I'm talking about. Even at 30 he'll still win.

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If the NBA really wants to make the dunk contest good again, they stop being cheap and up the prize money for winning the events and find some way to make to get James White and the only man I think could be a legitimate contender to him, Gerald Green.

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Really hope some more

Really hope some more youngins get in the competition. The Dunk Contest had some intrigue about the next up and coming high fliers of the NBA.

Bledsoe or Wall (if he's healthy)?

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