Knicks summer league

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Knicks summer league

Jerome Jordan isn't looking like an NBA contributor so far this summer league but Jeremy Tyler has looked promising. He would be a good fit for the Knicks providing depth and a little bulk and strength to the physically weak frontline of the Knicks.

Looks like they already gave up on the Shumpert PG experiment.

Leslie is showing flashes.

Hardaway could see limited minutes on the wing this season depending on who else the Knicks can sign. Bullock looks like he would have been a better fit here already.

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I'm really impressed by Murray

I'm really impressed by Murray for the Knicks very good defender and solid player, cj is showing flashes especially handling the ball. On a side note Jan Vessly is actually doing pretty well for the wizards.

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I really like Murray at this

I really like Murray at this point as well. I think that if he continues to play well he can get invited to camp...

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Jeremy Tyler looks like he

Jeremy Tyler looks like he spent some time getting in shape and ready to go this year. Hopefully he brings that work ethic day in and day out and can curb his attitude. They guy is full of talent and I would hate to see it wasted like so many others

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