knicks rebuilding plan

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knicks rebuilding plan

Since Carmelo wants to opt out, i feel that the Knicks should consider trading him to avoid losing him for nothing. Plus, they need a new course and to get the roster set for the future. I propose two trades. First, on draft night, they should trade Tyson Chandler and Iman Shupert for K. Perkins, N. Collison, R. Jackson, P. Jones, and the rights to the OKC pick. This allows them to get a couple prospects (R. Jackson and P. Jones) on one year rentals to see if they are worth resigning and a draft pick that can be used on someone like PJ Hairston. The second trade is Carmelo Anthony for J. Lin, O. Asik, T. Jones, C. Parsons, 2 1st rd picks (15' and 17') and $3 million. I know the Knicks (or any other team) don't want to pick up the $14+ million owed to both Lin and Asik but considering that both trades reduce the Knicks salary cap by 2.1 million so the cap bill is reduced by 4.2 million. With the salary of over 90 million, that puts them in the category of paying 3.25% on 15 million or over. With the $3 million from Houston, the Knicks are basically saving a little over $2 million.

The trades work out for all parties as Knicks gain some young prospects, draft picks, and keep their flexibilty with all expiring contracts except T. Jones and P. Jones rookie deals. OKC gets a legit center and a guard that they have previously expressed interest in, and the Rockets get Melo.

Knicks roster would consist of PGs: R. Jackson, R. Felton, J. Lin, and P. Prigioni SGs: JR Smith, T. Hardaway Jr, and PJ Hairston, SFs: C. Parsons, T. Jones, and P. Jones, PFs: A. Stat, A. Bargs, and N. Collison, C's: O. Asik, J. Tyler (depending they pick up his option), and K. Perkins. This roster would be able to compete for the playoffs, give them some young prospects while not affecting free agency in 2015. Any Thoughts?

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