The knicks must draft Stephen Curry

I think curry is a perfect fit for the Knicks system and he could become a treat to the NBA in about two-to-three years and my opinion he should be the first overall pick in this years NBA DRAFT and will be a great steal in this years draft for the Knicks or the team that decides to draft him.The thing i like about him that he could knock down the three anytime anywhere.Plus a positive leader on the floor and could get stops easily

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"positive leader on the

"positive leader on the floor and could get stops easily"? What makes you say that? He's not a proven defender or leader. He's an undersized 2 that was allowed to shoot whenever he wanted in college. At best he is an instant scorer that comes off the bench.

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no curry...

curry number one pick????
well he would be a good number one pick if the clips would like to continue their draft history (a good fit after olowokandi was a number one pick for them)

i agree with knicksfreak he hasn´t proven anything and i see him as max a quality role player because of his three but he will always be a undersized athleticly limited combo guard.

best case for curry: smaller and less athletic ben gordon!

but taking him over blake griffin? i just don´t get the idea behind that....

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he looks better then a

he looks better then a instant scorer off the bench at best

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