Knicks interior defense

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Knicks interior defense

I watched the Knicks against the Spurs and I saw probably the worst interior defense in the history of the game. Without Chandler they're basically pathetic, the Spurs had many easy layups and outrebounded them. They're not a good defensive team even with Chandler (because aside of him they don't have any decent rim protector and they have many bad perimeter defenders, so smart teams just involve Chandler in pick and rolls in order to leave the paint unprotected), but they really suck without him.

So I saw Cole Aldrich play in the last quarter and I thought he could see some more minutes and be useful. I mean, it's more of a question, since I haven't seen him play much in the Nba and I didn't like him as a collegiate, but is he really that crappy of a player? I know that the fact he's changed so many teams without getting consistent playing time, the fact that even OKC (a team that usually doesn't give up so early on rookies, especially those picked so high) didn't give him many chances, well, those aren't really great signs. Also, I know that he played in garbage time, which means pretty much nothing, but he still had 7 rebounds in 9 minutes, made some good passes from the elbow and some very good outlet passes to start the break. Is he really that bad to be buried in the bench? Couldn't he give some physical presence in the paint and be, as bad as he is, a little better than the zero they have right now? Couldn't he be helpful for 15-20 minutes or so? I know that they're trying to outscore team more than they're trying not to be outscored, but this is not gonna work against decent defensive teams, as their offensive spacing still is questionable. Is it really better to sign some veterans like Marcus Camby, Louis Amundson or even Chris Johnson as the rumors suggest?

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Cole really isn't that terrible, I honestly don't know why he doesn't get more minutes in the league. Back when he was on the Thunder he only played garbage minutes but he would easily get 5+ rebounds in like no time at all.

One Thunder game I went to a few years ago OKC was blowing out the other team and he got to play the last 8-10 minutes, and I think he had like 6 rebounds, 6 points, and 2 blocks. I remember being amazed cause it was the first time I really saw him play.


Just checked his Career Per 48 for fun;

12.3 PPG
15.3 RPG
01.4 APG
02.8 BPG
00.6 SPG
07.4 FPG

54.9 FG%
60.0 FT%

Those are some pretty crazy numbers, just shows how well he plays in the small ammount of minutes he's given. The only glaring negatives are the FT% and the Fouls.

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He's a pretty tough dude, and

He's a pretty tough dude, and although he's slow by NBA standards ( probably what has kept him from playing a major role thus far ) like Cynthia said, he's been pretty productive when he's been on the court. His career defensive rebounding % is a very impressive 24% over 91 career games. That'd rank him in the top 15 of the league in any given season had he played enough games to qualify.

He ended last year with back to back double doubles and I know he'll continue to produce if he gets on the court. Hopefully the Knicks give him a go this year. He's not the player many thought he'd be a few years ago, myself included, but he's good enough to play a role greater than he has so far. Cole's just never gotten a real opportunity to play consistantly.

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