Knicks Hot Start From Deep?

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Knicks Hot Start From Deep?

Looking at the box looks like they shot the lights out at 54% from 3 (18-33) led by Pablo Prigioni at 4-8, Melo 3-3, and perhaps most impressively Steve Novak 7-7. Anybody catch any of the game tonight in DC? Were these mostly open looks created off the drive and kick? Were they just throwing them up frivolously? Should we look at all into this? Appreciate any comments, I Couldn't really gather much from ESPN's 44 second highlight

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even though im a die hard

even though im a die hard knicks fan, and im glad they won, i HATE hearing this. i hate knowing the only reason they won is by the 3 point line. i rather them lose now by the 3 pt line because then they wont be shooting them all the time.

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Steve Novak is the best

Steve Novak is the best shooter in the NBA. Pity he can't do much of anything else. I really hope he is in the 3 point contest, he could put up big numbers.

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Steve Novak is ridiculous, and has been ever since he got to NY.

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As an Orlando fan let me be

As an Orlando fan let me be the first to tell you; you live by the three, you die by the three

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