Knicks Beno Udrih

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Knicks Beno Udrih

The Knicks have signed Beno to a one year vets minimum contract.

Although its a clearly a good move, I was kind of hoping they would sign Delonte West so the roster would enter the discussion as one of the most ignorant teams of all time haha.

Since they have virtually no shot at the chip.

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I've always love what Beno

I've always love what Beno brought to a team..He showed he can play in any system, he put up solid number playing alongside Parker,Jameer Nelson,Jennings and Tyreke Evans...

His toughness in the backcourt is something the Knicks can use...He's a score 1st point guard,but he has good court vision, he can pass,shoot,he makes his free throws and takes care of the ball..

I think the reason why he hasnt stayed at 1 place very long is that he's inconsistent and his attitude..

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I don't think he lacks

I don't think he lacks consistency. I actually think his steadiness is one of his best attributes. He's just solid and you don't have to worry about him making many mistakes or taking bad shots. He has produced everywhere he's been. He's just always been on teams who's priority at the point wasn't him. And what's wrong with his attitude?
He's a back up point and one of the better ones in the league. I actually think he's the best PG on their roster.

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As a Knicks fan I was happy

As a Knicks fan I was happy at the signing. Actually think he's the best pg we have on the roster.... Doesn't say much about our other pgs lol. Especially after the disappearing act Felton pulled against the pacers.

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I think the Knicks have

I think the Knicks have quietly gotten a lot better. They have pretty good depth with Metta and Udrih, and they added Bargnani. Hopefully they can utilize Stoudemire better this year too. However as you said, I'd give them a 2% chance of winning it all.

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