The Knicks and Melo

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The Knicks and Melo

I was born 30 minutes outside of Syracuse and I am as big of a Carmelo Anthony fan as the rest of them but here me out for a second...

Keep in mind none of these things would ever happen, but that doesnt mean they shouldnt. The combo of Amare and Melo will NEVER work. Unless they get a Chris Paul or Dwight Howard type player, the Knicks will never win it all with those 2 alone. The defense. Melo is a top 10 player...and I would say Amare is a top 10-15 player...but neither of them play a lick of defense. Combine that with their coaches philosophy and its not looking good. Dolan loves coach Mike D so i doubt he gets fired...and i doubt he changes his philosophy.

There are plenty of teams out there who MIGHT take on Amare's huge contract...but Melo's is not that bad. I think a trade like Carmelo for Joe Johnson and Al Horford makes sense. If you recall his early Suns days, Joe Johnson was a BEAST in that system. You pair a defensive minded/finesse player like Al Horford with Amare and your in trouble...Plus ATL would love to rid the contract of Joe...and Melo would sell some tickets to a team thats for sale...

Just a thought. Call me crazy.

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