Kings/Raptors trade idea

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Kings/Raptors trade idea

Lifelong Kings fan and I hate that we're for some reason stockpiling guards when we have a need at the 3. This would free up minutes for the rookies and in my opinion give us a better option at the 3 position than we have with Salmons. We'd obviously lose scoring but I don't think Jimmer will ever be good enough to be more than just a situational 3 shooter and Thornton doesn't play good team ball which is where the new management seems to be going (even though they're trying to sign Monta Ellis.)
We'd also get a great situational shooter in Novak.
+maybe a couple 2nd round picks from the Raptors?

Any feedback would be great, this is my first post as a member


Thompson, Landry, IT, Salmons and McCallum, Outlaw, Hayes/Novak round out the roster

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