Kings-Pistons trade

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Kings-Pistons trade

I just read a proposed trade by the kings...They offered to send #23 and #31 to the pistons for #15 tonight. Also, The kings are reportedly not interested in Rubio if he is available at 4. They are concentrating on Tyreke Evans and Jonny Flynn

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As a Kings fan

I am praying that that trade goes down. But I think the Rubio thing is all a smokescreen.

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It is no secret that Dumars

It is no secret that Dumars wants a later first round pick to get Toney Douglas. Getting #23 would be perfect because I don't see Douglas going before then and Dumars could get the player he wants.

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He's right, they are just trying to use Evans and Flynn so everyone thinks that's who they want. I believe it...That trade seems like a very good trade for the Kings, a pick just outside the Lottery would be good for them. Some quality player will drop out of it and be waiting for the Kings to grab.

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joe wont trade it... they

joe wont trade it... they desprately need the size that falls perfectly to that spot at 15... then with the second rounders hes gonna take josh heytvelt and pendergraph

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I read the Kings are looking to get Blair at 15. And like someone else said the Pistons are looking at DaJuan Summers or Toney Douglass with those two picks.

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if this trade was real it

if this trade was real it would be an amazing trade for the kings, i mean if they can't get rubio they know they will have a point guard (probably brandon jennings) waiting for them at 15 and can select the bpa at 4 (they seem to really like evans and maybe thabeet slips if someone trades for the second pick)
the pistons can get toney douglas with the 31 and maybe blair, summers or young at 23

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