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Which situation would best suit LBJ?

Clevland - his cast is really aging and they dont have a promising young player besides JJ Hickson, mo williams has shown once again he choke's in the playoffs, and aging antwan jamison, a 38 year old shaq.....

New York Knicks - they have some nice young talent in gallo and chandler, they have a whole lot of money to spent on another free agent or agent's if they can sign lbj, sumone liek bosh or amare or boozer, playing in the mecca, and the city it self, its NEW YORK!!!

New Jersey Nets (Brooklyn Ballers) - they have two of the toughest positions set for the future in C- Brook Lopez and PG- Devin harris, they have a shut down defender and good 3 pt shooter in courtney lee, they have a top 3 pick in the draft this year, and money to sign 2 free agents, pretty nice young core right there, harris, lee (maybe joe johnson), lbj, favors (maybe amare or bosh), lopez

Chicago Bulls - one the the best young pg's in the game in d-rose, good defender and shooter at sg in hinrich, young front like in gibson and noah, pretty good cast for lbj, but will both lbj and derrik rose be able to play their natural game wen playign with eachother?

LA Clippers - Playing in hollywood, with a cast of Baron davis, Blake Griffin, Chris Kaman, Eric Gordon, all they're missing is a SF...HMMM..seems like a pretty dominant starting 5, but can lbj top kobe as the man in LA?

If i were lebron, i think new jersey seems the most tempting...great young core...the arena and moving to Brooklyn with his boy Jay Z...those two could do some serious busines together and lbj can fulfill his goal of becomming a billionaire...NYK seems tempting too....

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I would go to Chicago if I

I would go to Chicago if I was him. With Derrick Rose their he wouldn't have to close out games by himself. It they brought in Lebron and either signed a lesser free agent like David Lee or did a sign and trade for Bosh or someone and had a good draft they could be great.

PG: Derrick Rose
SG: Loul Deng (If he isn't traded)
SF: Lebron James
PF: Lee/Bosh/Amare/Boozer
C: Joakim Noah

Bench: Taj Gibson, Kirk Hinrich, #17 (James Anderson?), Brad Miller, James Johnson (also probably used in sign and trade)

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I keep telling Y'all

I keep telling Y'all ......

Lebron isnt Leaving Cleveland...
All this Free Agency talk makes great conversations..

Deep Down inside Lebron constantly thinks about
What it'll be like playing in the Media Capital of the World which is New York.....He wants to be a bigger Icon then he already is.....
But thats impossible..He's already the most popular Baller on the Planet.....
Winning titles is the only thing that will make him more popular..............

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Too bad the Bulls don't still

Too bad the Bulls don't still have Ben Gordon. Can you imagine that Bulls team with LBJ kicking it out to a wide open Ben Gordon?! Damn that would be a scary squad.

Regardless though, I think the Bulls have the best possibility to grow with him and offer him the best situation. They already have a very good C, an allstar talent at PG, trading assets, and then decent cap room. Chicago is a pretty big market as well so the Bulls pretty much can offer everything right now.

He says CLE has the upper hand and I would believe him, but the fact is what can the Cavs do to improve? They do not have much cap space, they are filled with players that do not have the highest value for their contracts so they will be hard to trade for other pieces to the puzzle, a new coach has to come in now so there is going to be a transition for the whole team, Shaq is another year older, and if the rumor is true do you really want to play for the squad that still has Delonte West aka Skeeter? He's one of the best talents on that team, not necessarily a guy you want to trade.

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my hometown sure sounds good

my hometown sure sounds good go brooklyn lmao who has facebook?

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