Kings & CJ McCollum

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Kings & CJ McCollum

Should Kings take look at CJ McCollum. Honestly they should take long look at CJ cause he could that pure score and good shooter they have look for couple years since Jimmer didn't pan out right for them. If the Sacramento decided pull the on CJ McCollum then have to traded Jimmer. But the upside to this Kings need to re-sign or not trade Tyreke Evans to make this work because CJ can be positive on offense and defense too and bad things is that it will take away DeMarcus Cousins shot.

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CJ more of a SG, he avg 2.9

CJ more of a SG, he avg 2.9 assist per game last season they have enough shooters and not enough passers.if they plan on keeping Tyreke then they shouldn't look at him. If they keep Tyreke then they need a PG who is looking to pass first or maybe a SF or PF.

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CJ is the perfect guard

CJ is the perfect guard compliment for Tyreke. Evans' has always need the ball in his hands to break his man down and either sore, get could or find the open man after help side rotations, and is not really an elite player if used off the ball.

Cj's got a great off the ball game, has the maturity to handle the intangibles side of the pg position, and score in many ways with his jumper of screens, catch an shoot, pull ups. as well wasa good pass. He can guard pgs as well. perfect fit for tyreke imo.

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That arguement is played out

That arguement is played out man. Of course CJ only averaged 3 assists. Would you rather have shooting a bunch or deferring to some turd teammates? Go watch his interview on Youtube and you may have a different opinion.

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Not a knock against CJ

Not a knock against CJ McCollum because I haven't seen him play much other than last year against Duke. But what is the difference between him and Marcus Thornton? Because from what people are saying about McCollum he sounds like another Marcus Thornton. Can somebody tell me why the Kings would potentially draft a similar player?

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McCollum is a much better

McCollum is a much better ball handler and shot creator than Thornton. Thornton is purely a jump shooter. McCollum will improve his assist rates when he has more skilled teammates around him who can finish off of his penetration. He was not asked to be much of a facilitator at Lehigh so I think people are underrating his point guard skills while looking at his statistical output.

I agree with a few of the earlier comments, I think he would be a great compliment to Tyreke Evans. Both guards could run the point at times, Tyreke's height would allow McCollum to guard the smaller guard in the other team's lineup, McCollum's jump shot would help create space for Tyreke's drives into the lane. I think he would be a very solid pick for the Kings.

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