Kidd Gilchrist & Kyrie reunited?

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Kidd Gilchrist & Kyrie reunited?

Word is Michael Kidd Gilchrist is being shopped, if true if I'm the Cavs I'm calling the Bobcats immediately...Anthony Bennett was a mistake pick, let's face it...To make up for it, I would deal the 2013 #1 overall pick, for the 2012 former #2 overall pick, Michael Kidd Gilchrist...Around draft time rumors had that the Bobcats were infatuated with Bennett, and was on their board at #4....Kidd Gilchrist works in Cleveland, because he once was teammates with Kyrie in high school and he's the long athletic defensive wing Mike Brown covets...Win win situation to me

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Even if they are looking to

Even if they are looking to trade MKG it would be for immediate help to get them a guarenteed spot in the playoffs....makes absolutely no sense then to trade for Anthony Bennett...

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Kind of a deceiving

Kind of a deceiving title...

Cavs and Bobcats are both believed to be "pushing for a playoff spot." The only article I've read that said Bobcats "MAY shop Kidd-Gilchrist when healthy" also insinuated that the Bobcats would want something to help them "win now." What could the Cavaliers offer that would entice the Bobcats? Not much. Especially if they're both wanting to make a playoff push. Does Cleveland need SF help? Absolutely. However, they need a 3 and D type of wing and Kidd-Gilchrist isn't very much of a 3 point shooter.

It sounds good on paper to reunite Kyrie and Kidd-Gilchrist and they both could push each other to become better players...... but I'm not sure if the fit is actually better than the sound of bringing two former teammates back together..

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even Michael Jordan wouldn't

even Michael Jordan wouldn't make that trade

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your reasoning for it being a

your reasoning for it being a win for the bobcats is that they had them on their draft board at #4? im sure they've seen him play..

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Andre Drummond was available

Andre Drummond was available at number 2.....But Once again Jordan went with the ''Safe Pick'' and once again was Wrong!!!


But Its a little too early to be giving up on MKG.....Those Scottie Pippen comparisions during the draft were unfair..

He is a glue guy,that does the little things that helps a team wins ..He needs to be on a team with better players for him to excell..They're expecting him to be a superstar,but he's not that type of player....Put him on a team of stars,then he will succeed..

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MKG is so much better than Benet that I dont think the Bobcats make the trade even if you throw in Dion Waiters in the trade. Charlotte have some good pieces for the future, but I belive this was the most important seasson for them to TANK. They need that superstar that make all those good role players fit. They have a good Heat Check guy in Walker (perhaps can be one of the best 6th man in the game), MKG is a Glue guy (as RUDEBOY_ said) and a very good athletic perimeter defender, a good big man that defends the paint well in Byiombo (although he is a little green). A good big man who demands double teams all the time.

I really dont like so much the idea of loosing games on purpose, but if you were this horrible for so long this is the ONLY seasson you dont want to turn things arround!!!

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MKG is not "So much better"

MKG is not "So much better" than Bennett

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We're only 25 games through

We're only 25 games through the season. Bennett was overweight in college, came in with an injury, added more pounds, and has to play for Mike Brown. He doesn't get enough play time to boost his confidence (not that he really deserves it right now).

If you want to look at the bright side, he's shooting 57% over the last 4 games. Okay, it was only out of 7 shots.

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MKG trade ideas

If the Bobcats want to trade MKG for a player who can help them win now: MKG, Gordon, and Biyombo for Deng and Gibson. Charlotte gets a sf who is very solid borderline allstar and a big man who is great coming off the bench. Lineup of Walker, Henderson, Deng, McRoberts, and Jefferson with Sessions, Taylor, Gibson, and Zeller off the bench. Chicago gets rid of a couple big contracts for an expiring and two young defensive players with potential. Gives Rose some young guys to run with next year.

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I agree with almost

I agree with almost everything... The only diference is that I would start Gibson.

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