Kidd and the Nets

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Kidd and the Nets

Does JKidd have a legitamate chance at getting this job and how effective will he be as a coach? I know great players don't always translate to great coaches so I dont know if im buying in to all this. However,he did serve as a coach on the floor essentially so he might turn out great. His relationship with DWill may also result in nice chemistry on the team... What are the thoughts on this?

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So you're saying there's a chance.....

Kidd would probably be a decent head coach. Point guards are floor generals as it is and he was one of the better ones so I have no trouble seeing him being mildly successful. I don't see him guiding a championship team anytime soon but he would definitely be new life blood injected into the coaching ranks. All that said, there aren't many players that jump straight into the head coaching gig after retiring. I can't think of any actually that retired and were a head coach the next season. But I think if the front office can help assemble a crack team of experienced assistants, given the team's history with Kidd, I don't think they would have any issues hiring him.

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