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khris middleton

even tho the bucks are losing a lot of games...i think he is doing a great job as a starter i mean 19points8reb4ast vs magic and 11points 7reb vs pacers he could be something great in the future for them !!

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Tobias Harris could have been

Tobias Harris could have been better for us, but we got JJ Reddick o wait, I mean 2 2nd round draft picks for Tobias. I'm from Milwaukee and honestly we need to sell the team and move the team to Seattle because Herb Kohl has done a great job of spending but the management has done a terrible job of putting together anything that could look like a good team.

Ray Allen for Desmond Mason (and Gary Payton who became a free agent 2 days later)

Robert Traylor for Dirk.....uuuummm yeah

2 2nd round picks for Tobias Harris...smh

then the draft picks from Joe Alexander to Yi whatever his name is picking Andrew Bogut over Chris Paul because we had a franchise Point Guard in Mo Williams. The management has let down Sen. Herb Kohl and the state of Wisconsin with their decisions let Seattle enjoy a team because the people who run the team in Milwaukee are about as good at putting together a team as my 4 year old son smh.

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Hard to argue most of that,

Hard to argue most of that, but two things that are wrong about this:

1. Dirk refused to play for Milwaukee. That's why they traded his draft rights. Obviously Dirk turned out to far exceed the value that Milwaukee got for him at the time, but it's easy to nitpick things like that in retrospect.

2. The franchise PG in place when Milwaukee drafted Bogut was TJ Ford, but he ended up dealing with a ton of injuries after that. So yeah, looking back, it would have been great to get Chris Paul or Deron Williams, but at the time, it wouldn't have made much sense to draft another PG when they had just spent a top 10 pick on one who was showing promise. Not to mention Bogut developed into a potential all-star before that gruesome elbow injury.

And I think Herb Kohl is more the problem than the management. The management is trying to fight for an 8 seed every year because that's what Herb Kohl believes in. His heart is in the right place, because he simply wants to put a decent product on the court that people in Milwaukee can be happy watching. But sometimes you have to bottom out to become something that the city would really be proud of.

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+1000000000 this is exactly

+1000000000 this is exactly what I've been saying for awhile now. The Bucks are in NBA purgatory, and to get out they need to suck and get some high picks.

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As a Seattle resident, I

As a Seattle resident, I applaud your comments

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Herb Kohl's win now mentality

Herb Kohl's win now mentality is killing this franchise

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If Brandon Knight and the

If Brandon Knight and the greek can develop this could be a decent young squad with Sanders, Henson, Mayo, Neal, Middleton, Ilysova and Wolters.

Respect for being smart about not spending stupid money on Monta Ellis and Jennings. They tried to get Jeff Teague which would of been like striking gold (prob all-star this year)

They are still under the cap so hopefully they can sign another decent player in the offseason. The only problem is that no superstar would want to play in Milwaukee...

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