KG defense vs Doc coaching....

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KG defense vs Doc coaching....

Alright im a die hard celtics fan so many will think this is strictly bias. I love Doc as a coach and think hes a great one for teams, a coach i see Marc Jackson maybe becoming. I also think he gets too much credit as a great X's and O's coach. Granted ill give his post time out plays up with Pop for that category. As far as a full offense or defense the celts never really had one, yea traditional pick and roll like any other team with 16 footers from bass or KG, but when Rondo was healthy the offense was made from him, as anyone can say he dribbled too much, its because he was creating. When he went down and they had no PG, they gave it to pierce top of the key and let him create. And for D....
KG is by far the best pick and roll defender i think ive seen in the game. From what i said before, every team runs the pick and roll, when you have the best defender for that on your team and a quick gaurd that can gamble and it pays off, you got blessed with that. All im saying is when i read he can change around blake griffin and jordan defensively is a bit of a stretch. Is Al Jefforson a great defender? How bout brandon Bass or any other big that weve had with Doc,. He didnt really change any of them. Perk was already a tough nose bull, he will work for any team. Ill change my mind if i see otherwise but he took a 4 time playoff team to a worse and worse record and didnt make the postseason since KG..... I know KG gets a lot of credit already but we may just see glimpses of what he was on the nets and blake and jordan do the exact same things.

... My humble opinion .....

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I must say I generally agree.

I must say I generally agree. The Celtivs were always a better team, and especially, a dramatically better defensive team, when KG was on the floor. The coaching of Doc, and Tom Thibodeau, surely helped the Celtics become such a consistently good defensive team, but KG may be the one individual most responsible. I think KG gets almost too little credit for the Celtics run during his time in Boston. He was the Celtics' most valuable player for his run as a Celtic, even when Rondo was heralded as the team's best player.

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The Nets were ranked about

The Nets were ranked about 9th on Offense last year and about 26th on Defense. If KG and AK can make the Nets a dramatically better defensive team, then the Nets are going to be scary.

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Beautiful thing is we'll be

Beautiful thing is we'll be able to see your theory tested this year. Deandre Jordan and Blake Griffin have never been known for being great defensive players. DJ gets a glamor block from time to time but his individual defense and positioning are sub par.

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Great post! What's your vision on Celt's future. I think with a young and ambitious coach and lots of new players who need to prove themselves we are NOT tanking this season! Of course I know playoffs are out of the question unless Rondo comes back by the end of the year and if there's a breakout pefromances by players like Jeff Green,Avery Bradley,Jordan Crowford or Jared Sullinger. Go Celtics!!!

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I'm glad Rivers' offensive

I'm glad Rivers' offensive schemes are gone; players were all just shooting jumpers unless it was in transition and we had nobody willing to create their own shots. Will also be nice to see a coach who will play the young guys a bit more. I think Doc's insistence on playing the vets all the time hurt them when Rondo went down.

It will be interesting to see how the Clippers do with Rivers at the helm, but I think it'll be more of the Chris Paul show.

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My humble opinion: RIvers is

My humble opinion: RIvers is one of the best coaches in the NBA.

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