Key to the Knicks signing LeBron: Jordan Crawford?

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Key to the Knicks signing LeBron: Jordan Crawford?

As most of you know, Jordan Crawford, guard out of Xavier, was synonymous with being the college kid who posterized LeBron over the summer. After a great season at Xavier, Crawford is projected to be a late 1st rounder-early 2nd rounder. Many mock drafts, including mine, have Crawford going to the Knicks with one of their 2 second round picks.

Knowing LeBron's history with Crawford, do you guys think LeBron would want him on the same team?

Should the Knicks draft him to try to bring LeBron in,
or will drafting Crawford push LeBron away from NY?

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I don't think that the

I don't think that the drafting of Jordan Crawford will have any affect on where LeBron signs. Why would a 2nd-round rookie that has yet to prove himself affect where LeBron signs. Even though they should know each other from the camp, I don't even know if they're friends. The drafting of Jordan Crawford would have know affect at all.

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