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Ok, I've made a thread b4 about him but in this one I am actually wondering why he isn't in this year mock draft by this site he didn't pull his name out so why? I mean Jonathan Givony from Draft express has just wrote an article about the kid and he is saying that there is a possibility he is on the draft boards of some lottery teams he is @23rd pick their hoopsworld 2010 NBA MOCK DRAFT he was between 21-23 so I am not talking about how good he is but it is more about why would he escape that? It seems he will stay and wither stay overseas one more year or come to the NBA rnext season depending on the team decision just wondering

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This guy is really growing on

This guy is really growing on me as a prospect. I also made a thread about him, and telling people that he reminded me of Al Jefferson, but people here just laughed at me and told me I was out of my head. I think he is one of the best kept secrets in this draft. 6'9 255lbs, 7'2 wingspan, 20 years old, good skill set in the post, and has NBA athleticism, I don't know why he doesn't get more attention. At worst, he could be a rebound specialist like Al Horford.

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Hes a complete beast and not

Hes a complete beast and not to be takin lightly.I dont see him falling past Portland.

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If my thunder

If my thunder stay put, I hope he falls to us, but in that scenario the Spurs are a huge threat to take him before us, since he's from the same French pedigree as Tony Parker. I see us moving up a couple spots to take him or Sanders.

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I like him a lot

I think he has Al Jeffereson potential minus the questions about about Al's athleticism. I've been following him for the last two years on various sites and has really filled out his frame and added some hooks over both shoulders with both hands, so he does have some interesting skill in that raw game. We shall see!

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I think he has potential

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He does have Jefferson post

He does have Jefferson post moves..But he's a much better athlete..

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