Kevin Pangos

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Kevin Pangos

Has anyone seen him play this season ? He looks to have stepped it up this season.

22ppg on 52%fg. He is jacking up 7.6 3's per games but is making 49% of them. He has shot over .400 from behing the arc in each season.....

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Kevin has been killing it lately. How do you guys seem him projecting in the NBA? I see him as carving out a rotational role in the NBA. When trying to come up with a comp, Luke Ridnour comes to mind for me. Similiar size and limited athletic ability. Both capable pgs but can play off the ball when paired with bigger pg because of their ability to shoot/score. Ridnour is more of a midrange guy and Kevin is definitely an outside shooter, but I could see Pangos as having a similiar career. Thoughts?

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I feel like Ridinour was

I feel like Ridinour was bigger and had more quicks and atheleticism coming out.

He may have a shot at the league at some point but they may just be to many things stacked against him. His size and athleticism are way below average for an nba point guard. Maybe in the nba of the past you could see him find a role like a Scotty Brooks or John Crotty or even Steve Kerr. But the pg position especially, has just completely transformed with the atheletes and size of the guys thats are on display everyday on an nba court.

A guy like Jrue Holiday who had a pretty underwhelmig one year at UCLA and didnt put up anywhere the numbers that Pangos is putting up is a good example. Despite that season, you can still see he had the requisite size and athleticism to allow him to be successful at the next level provided he put the necessary work in to get better and improve.

That being said I love watching Pangos play, he's really exciting to watch when he's draining 3's or dropping crazy dimes to teammates. I'm def Rooting for him but if he doesnt make the nba, he'll surely be playing professionally somewhere.

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154 points on 88 FG attempts.

154 points on 88 FG attempts. That is insane. Gonzaga is always fun to watch and this guy especially.

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I love Pangos. There is a

I love Pangos. There is a spot for him in the league if teams use him correctly. Pair him with a larger PG like Holiday or MCW, or pair him with a point forward like Lebron or Iggy, and this kid has huge value. He is smart and has been the best shooter in college basketball for, going on, 3 years.

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