Kevin Ollie and Uconn

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Kevin Ollie and Uconn

After watching UConn somewhat this season I really think that coach Ollie has made that program a guards paradise. Like seriously what guard wouldn't want to play in Kevin Ollie's system? They have the ultimate green light and get to run the offense the entire game. If I'm a highly touted guard prospect I'm definitely looking at this program as a place to play. Shabazz and Ryan look as though they are having the time of their lives playing in the system. I wasn't so sure about Uconn after calhouns departure but Ollie def has this program trending in the right direction. I'm rooting for these guys

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Next year they are going to

Next year they are going to have some great guards too. Boatright will be back, Omar Calhoun will be healed from injury and possibly back to freshman form, Rodney Purvis will be coming in, Terrance Samuel looks like he's ready to be a contributor and pretty sure they have a highly touted recruit coming in as well.

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I could not believe the type

I could not believe the type of shots that Nappier was hitting today and all season for that matter. Truly great tournament performance that they would have lost the game without. Ollie has the ability to get his team up for big games. He's going to be a good coach at UCONN for a while.

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Ollie having fun

Kevin Ollie as a former Sonic will only get love from me, and how could you not root for the guy after the game telling his player "slap me in the face, slap me...I need to make sure this real." That was just awesome. Let's be honest all anyone is thinking w/ UConn right now is Shabbaz is putting on his best Kemba impression. Not to disregard Boatwright, Daniels and others, but it's just awesome he was a part of that team as a freshman and now he's doing this.

On to next year, I do not know much about Omar Calhoun, but Rodney Purvis has mad game so I am definitely excited to see what he will do at UConn next year...really dumb he has to sit out a year, but that's another topic in itself.

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