Kevin Ogletree This Years Victor Cruz

My bold prediction for this year lol

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Much Like Washington guard

Much Like Washington guard Brad Beal, Shabazz is going to be a fairly safe pick. He may not have franchise star potential, but he could be very good if paired with the right star.

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Whether you want to hop on

Whether you want to hop on the bandwagon or not, it’s hard to imagine the talent assembled on this Portland team not making a serious run in 2013 – even in a cut-throat Western Conference.

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As he continues to build up

As he continues to build up his strength, Horford is now working with a new strength and conditioning coach, as the Hawks hired Jeff Watkinson in the offseason. For the previous two seasons, Watkinson owned his own business that helped the physical training, development and conditioning of NBA players. He also had previously worked at Indiana University and a number of other Division I schools.

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Opponents still get too many

Opponents still get too many easy looks at the basket, as the Cavs dont really have anyone to protect the rim outside of Tristan Thompson. Defensively, their guards are weak. If they dont make the playoffs, everyone can point to those two reasons.

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The Houston Rockets tied up

The Houston Rockets tied up one more piece of unfinished business on Saturday night, trading disgruntled Kevin Martin to the Oklahoma City Thunder in a deal that landed James Harden in Houston. The Rockets also send Jeremy Lamb and future draft considerations to Oklahoma City. The Thunder also send Cole Aldrich, Daequan Cook and Lazar Hayward to Houston in the trade.\op['o[

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