Kevin not that good

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Kevin not that good

yeah he can score....but he takes a alot of shots and he also had one of the worst shooting % last year and lets not forget he is a terrible defender.......come on now how is JR smith gonna hit 11 3's on u......thats bad....real bad......dont get me wrong i think kevin is ok but defensively he is bringing down the kings, he shouldnt be aloud to wear number 23

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Jr is one of the best 3

Jr is one of the best 3 point shooters/scorers in the league. percentages doesnt always tell the truth. The reason he comes of the bench is for stablized scoring and he need to work on other parts of his game and hi ball iq. jr has potianl to be a great pasing 2gaurd he juss need to cut down on his turn overs and let the game come to. will billups is there and help jr improve. he was in the running for most improved nd 6th man hes not a scrub. and i like kevin he need sto get strongers tho then maybe he can play the small foward postion at times along wit th 2 gaurd.

dont mind the grammar i was rushing

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He's not a star, but he's a darn efficient scorer. He's one of the league leaders in points per shot attempt. Very quick and a great pull up shot off the dribble. He would put up numbers even on good teams because he scores despite not having a lot of plays drawn up specifically for him. Not gonna carry a team, but for 10 mill per year, he's a solid player who's worth his contract.

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i like the kid. i mean he's got a weird looking shot but i tihik ultimately he will be a star 1 day. he has a lot of stuff to still work on but i mean who on the kings doesnt? jus give him a lil time he gone be aight

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wow....lets keep in mind

wow....lets keep in mind this guy (Kevin Martin) Dropped 50 on Golden many players playing right now have scored 50 points in a game...maybe he is a defensive liability but so is michael redd and so is ben gordon but they are both star quality players...the only reason people hate on kevin martin is because he is the ONLY good player on the Kings now that salmons is gone....look at their roster he is playing by himself....unless you count spencer hawes going all bryant reeves as contributing...

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