Kevin Love is funny

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Kevin Love is funny

I was watching this episode on Real NBA and it featured Kevin Love on and off the court... We know this dude has had a breakout season and well, he is deserving of the NBA fans' love... But I didn't know he would be hilarious and childish as hell... Despite his 6'8-6'9, 260 pound frame, he is the jokester of the group...

He teased Reggie Theus about his Hang Time that made me laugh... "Has anybody watched Hang Time?!" He shouted repeatedly and Theus kinda laughed it off and said "Oh, we gonna go there huh..." Kevin kept on repeating "Has anybody watched Hang Time?" I laugh the hell out of that man because I watched Hang Time way back in my elementary

Then he got between Nikola Pekovic and Darko Milicic listening to their conversation in their vernacular language... Kevin looks confused...then asked, "Have you guys watched Hang Time?"...looool

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I used to love that show.

I used to love that show. Man, I've made questionable choices in life.

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