Kevin Love To D.C?

How about the Wizards trying to package the 3rd pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, Kevin Seraphin, and Jan Vesely, to the Timberwolves, for Kevin Love? Rick Adelman coaches foreign players well, maybe he can get the best out of Vesely, and Seraphin is a player on the rise. With the 3rd pick the Timberwolves will be able to get the player they covet the most, in Victor Oladipo, plus they'll still have their 9th pick. For the Wizards they can have a nice 3 big man rotation going with Nene, Love, and Okafor, or they can amnesty Okafor, and try to convince Andre Iguodala to the Washington. Nene, Love, Iguodala, Beal, and Wall would make a sick starting 5, one that could possibly make a great playoff run if healthy

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why cant people get it

why cant people get it through their heads that flip isnt trading k-love, at least not till after this season.

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I don't think love is going

I don't think love is going anywhere..... But if he does I really like this trade for both teams, particularly the wolves!

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Right??? You can't be serious.

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Hahahahaha There's no way Love is going anywhere unless it's for somebody who's at least a top 3 talent in their position. That means, no Love for the Wiz unless they're willing to give up Wall or Beal. They don't even need Wall because they've got Rubio, and Beal alone isn't nearly enough of a return for Love. So

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If I am the timber wolves the

If I am the timber wolves the only way I do it is for beal, seraphin and their first round pick. I dont know if the wizards would do that but that is what it would take to get the top PF in the NBA. Then they can get either noel, len or porter with the 3rd pick. Then if they get a center KCP or shabazz with their next pick(9th), if not draft Bebe, or steven adams. Then derrick williams can start at the PF. Then they are a good young team. Hopefully they then resign Pekovic, and the Center they drafted can develop for 3 or 4 years.

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The wizards management would

The wizards management would have to be... well wizards to pull that off.

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Wizards already used their

Wizards already used their amnesty on Blatche.

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Flip would do that deal.... but he no longer works for the Wizards.

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How much sense does it make

How much sense does it make to send your best building block to the organization that fired you after giving him crap rosters and saying make the a playoff run

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And they keep getting worse.

And they keep getting worse. I know Kevin Love was hurt last year, but does anybody remember how good Kevin Love is? MVP canidates don't grow on trees. The 3rd pick in a non top heavy draft and filler?

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It would be nice if we could pull off some sort of deal where Love, Cousins, Howard, and Bynum all got traded for one another, just to shut everyone up for a while. It still probably wouldn't stop people from posting trade ideas about these players.

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What about winning some bball games for
These "superstar" who never won, drive me nuts.

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give him a healthy Wolves

give him a healthy Wolves team plus a good offseason picking up a sg and a resigned Pek. If they still lose with all that you can throw all the stones you want.

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Love trade rumors

Any trade rumor for Kevin Love can be put to rest. Flip Saunders has assured the wolves he isn't going anywhere.

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why do people who post these

why do people who post these trades have no concept of a salary cap lol.1 team can not afford nene,wall,okafor,love and iguodala lol

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