Kevin Love and Nicola Pekovic

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Kevin Love and Nicola Pekovic

I am a die hard Timberwolves fan and I'd like to think that I know quite a bit about the ins and out of the game. Kevin Love and Nicola Pekovic compliment each other perfectly on offense, but are absolutely horrible together on offense. I really like Love and Pek but they simply cannot play together. They are both great rebounders but Pekovic's defensive rebounding is basically wasted because Love is going to rip that ball away from anyone.

Pekovic on defense-

Very Strong, almost unmovable. He struggles against quicker bigs because he has no lateral movement, and is not a shot blocker. He actually though is an underated post defender due to his pure strength. Pek is also not a very good team defender, he is slow and does not rotate well and often looks confused when he is not on the block defending.

Love on defense-

Tenacious rebounder best in the league, almost to a fault as he frequently puts himself out of defensive position trying to set up for a rebound. Struggles in all aspects of one on one defense, bigs shoot over him in the post and like Pek has very slow feet. His strength though is he has an extremely high basketball IQ and plays very good team defense and usually makes the proper rotations.

They have to trade one of them. Pekovic playing along side Ibaka would be a perfect fit. Like Love Ibaka would perfectly compliment Pek on offense, operating in the mid-range knocking down open jump shots and flying up and down the court catching lobs from Rubio. This would leave Pek down on the block to do what he does best backing anyone down. On defense Ibaka speed and athleticism would hide nearly all of Pek's deficiencies. Ibaka could protect that rim while Pek boxed everyone out and finally be able to show his strength as a rebounder. I realize that a trade of this nature is extremely unlikely but hey this is what this site is for right? With the potential Steven Adams has a shot blocker this could allow the Thunder to do this, Adams protects the rim and Love does the rebounding. Love would fit beautifully for them on offense spacing the court and taking one of the bigs out of the paint to allow Westbrook and Durant to attack. The Thunder would then have the beastiest big 3 in the league. Their defense would take a hit but I really think Adams has the upside to be a great shot blocker, and the Thunder would be unstoppable on offense. There would no doubt have to be other players involved, but I really see this trade as a benefit to both teams. The Wolves would have to get more back than just Ibaka. What do you guys think? Again this is just an example I just think the Wolves need to trade one of these guys to succeed and with it being clear that there is a true risk of Love walking it would probably be in the Wolves best interest to trade him instead of Pek

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