Kevin Love and Blake Griffin way too high in rankings

Tony Kapen
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Kevin Love and Blake Griffin way too high in rankings

These guys are overrated and just are stat padders. Neither plays good defense and Blake his a horrible shooter. Both players are on teams that are no good. Only reason why Clippers were better last year was CP3. Someone needs to revisit these rankings.

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The Clippers no good? they

The Clippers no good? they made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs moron

Charlie Sheen
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Agree to an extent

Love should not be top 10, yes he puts up big numbers but he's the definition of empty stats. He cant defend and I thought people bashed Carmelo for being a poor defender well Love is worse yet 10 slots higher. Love is #15 in my rankings

Blake is a highlight player, his best skill is his handle, he can run and jump and I guess thats enough for people to rank him where he's at however he is over rated but still until proven other wise its going to be hard to stop his athleticism so whether skilled or not he's top 15 on stats alone

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So.... We're just going to

So.... We're just going to forget about the Olympics and what KLove did there? Star studded lineup and he was still a key reserve that could come in and provide instant offense, clean the boards, and be a very effective AND reliable player throughout the games. At some point people are going to have to stop blaming Love for the Wolves' management not being able to give him a better supporting cast.

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wee= shall see this year I guess

I appreciate Loves skills but dont like his game personally. Im extremely intrigued to see wat he does with a vastly better team around him now. Is he gonna still be laucnhing jumpers all night? how will he adjust.

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Aldridge, 27, is starting his

Aldridge, 27, is starting his seventh season with the Blazers. He's averaging 17.8 points and 7.5 rebounds for his career, but last season he averaged 21.7 points, 8.0 rebounds and 2.4 assists while shooting a career-high 51.2 percent. And he made his first All-Star team.

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“Probably all of them, I just

“Probably all of them, I just can’t say one,” Patterson said. “Jeremy Lamb (who was traded to Oklahoma City in the Kevin Martin/James Harden deal), from watching him when he was at UCONN, seeing the type of scorer he was, but he can also play defense, too. He didn’t really get praised for his defense in college, he was more of a scorer, but coming here he’s pretty good at it. He can use his length and he can use his quickness on the court. Royce, he’s basically a big man that’s a point guard all in one, I’ve been extremely impressed with his play. Terrence Jones, I’ve been following him since he was at Kentucky. I’m well-aware of his game and him as a person and playing beside him. The list goes on and on, these guys seem to contribute to this team in one way or another and it’s going to make us better.”

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What We Learned From the

What We Learned From the Preseason: Jeff Green looks fine, for one. He played more preseason minutes for the Celtics than anybody else on the team this side of Rajon Rondo and scored the ball well, shot a high clip from the floor, hauled in some rebounds and played great defense. It’s been fantastic to see him back after a nightmare year away from the game.

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