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Kevin Love

With Kevin Love trade talks still going on, all the reports I'm reading are that the only 3 teams that are in that discussion right now are GS, Cleveland and Boston. I think GS is being the most aggressive, again, just from what I've read and that Cleveland is also a viable spot since they have quite a few good pieces they can move. I don't see Boston having very many real good assets to send to Minnesota to jump ahead of GS or Cleveland unless they both say they are done negotiating.

My main point here is really about Flip Saunders. I think he's a good guy and an ok coach. I don't really understand why he was given so much power over the roster but I think he is really going to blow this situation. It's been reported that Minny has been adement they want Klay from GS or wiggins from Cleveland. And conversely both those teams have been adement that neither of those players are going to be involved. I've read quotes saying that Flip is totally fine with keeping K. Love and adding pieces to try and make a run this season and convince him to stay. Meanwhile this free agency period is passing by them each day. And they've made absolutely zero significant moves to achieve that plan. There's no way Flip keeps Love in Minny past this season and he's only going to lose leverage as I believe both GS and the Cavs will be good this season and may not think adding Love mid season will help them enough to give up a big time player(like klaus or wiggins). Especially since Lebron has already stated it's not championship or bust this season. Both GS and Cleveland could wait til next smer and trade some of those same assets to make room to sign K. Love flat out next year if they wanted. Ninny has received some very good offers(reportedly) from both teams and both are much better than them loosing an all star PF for nothing. Flip needs to pull the trigger and move on. It's past due. They've missed out on draft picks from this year and free agents because he wouldn't send K. Love out before the draft and it's not gonna get any better from here.

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